Why Roast Coffee?

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Why Roast Coffee?

Why Roast Coffee? Because of its long history, roasting coffee is considered the standard. Coffee roasting, like cooking equipment, arose naturally in daily life during the period when coffee was consumed as food rather than a drink (dried coffee for the first time). Between 1200 and 1300, it was cooked over an open flame.

What is the explanation for this?

Coffee beans contain more than 200 different types of chemical compounds, according to scientific studies, and what’s more, “under the effect of heat during the roasting process, the coffee beans will molt., entirely converted into an appealing roasted coffee bean.”

Why Roast Coffee?
Why Roast Coffee?

A sequence of chemical processes occurs, breaking and establishing new bonds, resulting in the creation of 800 to 1,000 compounds with floral, fruit, nut, vine, and taste fragrances. No other fruit can produce bitter, sour, salty, sweet, or umami flavors.

As a result, roasting coffee is the most effective approach to bringing out the beans’ full flavor. The flavor of coffee is made up of dissolved solids; the scent (aroma) of coffee is made up of volatile chemicals and oils; and the body of the coffee is made up of dissolved solids, oils, and cellulose debris.

Another unique feature is that two mechanisms regulate the entire process of roasting coffee flavor:

  • (01) Physical transformations and chemical processes in the science department;
  • (02) The art portion includes the roaster’s qualifications, experience, and inspiration.

As a result, the flavor we get from coffee isn’t solely due to the plant or farm but also a ten-minute roasting process that transforms it from elemental to flavor. Taste with a wide range of intrinsic qualitative differences.

During the roasting process, each roast’s parameter changes will result in a new, one-of-a-kind creation, sparking enthusiasm, creativity, and passion in roasters. Guests will also get the opportunity to sample each roast’s various flavor levels.

Roasting coffee is an actual work of art.


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