Why Is Mink Coffee So Expensive?

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Why Is Mink Coffee So Expensive?
Why is mink coffee so expensive? Weasel coffee, commonly referred to as weasel coffee, is the world’s most expensive and rare coffee. Many of you may have heard of weasel coffee, but do you know why it’s so pricey and hard to come by when it’s just weasel dung?

What is the meaning of weasel coffee?

Coffee that has been blended with weasel droppings is known as weasel coffee. The outer shell is released when a weasel eats a coffee berry, leaving only the flesh and seeds inside. The ferret, however, will be evacuated since it is unable to digest the coffee beans.

Why Is Mink Coffee So Expensive?

The coffee beans that ferrets consume have been processed in the stomach of a weasel, where digestive enzymes alter the protein structure of the beans, removing certain acids and making the weasel coffee taste worse.

Weasel coffee has a smooth flavor, and the sour taste of the coffee beans will be much milder than the original beans, making the taste unique and delightful.

Some describe the scent of weasel coffee as that of stale coffee. Yet, it is significantly different because of the bitter taste blended with the sweet, rich flavor of chocolate, caramel, or fruit flavors.

Weasel coffee’s beginnings

Coffee became exceedingly expensive when initially introduced to France due to various causes. As a result, farmers will find it difficult to taste the coffee they collect. To prepare coffee, they can only collect coffee beans released by ferrets. They realized, however, that the flavor of weasel coffee was utterly different and that it was more pleasant than conventional coffee beans when they tried it.

What’s the deal with weasel coffee being so expensive?

Weasel coffee immediately became famous and loved worldwide after its unique flavor was discovered. However, because weasel species are only found in certain places, only a few nations, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia, can produce this type of coffee. Weasel coffee is likewise in short supply.

Did you know that ferrets have a keen sense of smell and only consume the tastiest coffee beans from the coffee tree? There are no pests, cracks, scrapes, or plastic sticking to the outside of those mature seeds. So, via this professional weasel, weasel coffee is the most carefully selected coffee beans, the best quality beans.

Weasel coffee has a unique, wonderful flavor from a labor-intensive and time-consuming harvesting and production procedure. As a result, it is costly. Farmed mink coffee prices vary regularly from 20,000,000 VND/kg to 70,000,000 VND/kg.

 The process of making weasel coffee

To produce weasel coffee, you’ll need to go through a lengthy and complicated process:

  • To ensure that the temperature does not damage the quality of the coffee or borer insects, coffee beans mixed with buried manure will be gathered within 24 hours.
  • After collecting the seeds, they will be adequately cleaned to remove bacteria and contaminants.
  • Coffee beans are washed and dried in the sun so that the moisture content is only 10 to 12 percent after drying. Weasel coffee beans become brilliant and clear after drying in the sun, and when roasted, they are more aromatic than other types of coffee.
  • After completing the drying process, the processor will place the coffee beans into the machine to remove the residual outer shell before separating each coffee bean using the manual screening stage.

Then there’s the roasting process for weasel coffee. Coffee will be poured into a pan that has a closed circle and cylinder, as well as a revolving shaft attached to the handle. A charcoal and firewood burner is used to manually heat the revolving shaft mounted on a pedestal.

Why Is Mink Coffee So Expensive?

Because the temperature of the coffee roasting pan must be between 230 and 240 degrees Celsius, it generally only takes a few dozen minutes for the coffee beans to turn brown, and you will smell the delicious aroma of the coffee at this point.

Kopi luwak coffee

Kopi Luwak coffee is the world’s most exclusive (and expensive) coffee. The unusual method of production is the main reason for its high price. It is made from coffee beans that have been partially digested and excreted by the Indonesian palm civet. Yes, it sounds disgusting, but don’t worry! During processing, the outer layer of the coffee bean is removed, and the remaining beans are thoroughly cleaned before being roasted and delivered to you.

Despite popular belief, Kopi Luwak is not a type of coffee, but rather a production method. As a result, the flavor can vary greatly depending on the source of the beans and the roasting process.

Our beans are sourced from the Pangalengan Highlands of West Java, Indonesia, the original and the best location for the production of Kopi Luwak. We roast our beans medium because we believe it gives them the best flavor.

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