Why Are Some Coffees More Difficult To Grind Than Others?

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Why Are Some Coffees More Difficult To Grind Than Others? – There are many factors that coffee connoisseurs and baristas need to keep in mind before grinding coffee beans.

Factors that can be mentioned are as follows: Origin of growing area, roasting profile, primary processing method, and brewing method. You can rely on the above information to decide on the grinding size and fineness of the powder after grinding.

Different types of nuts will slightly differ in the grinding process, some will be more difficult to grind by hand than others, and some will take longer to grind by machine compared with other seeds.

To better understand this issue, Helena coffee would like to send you some knowledge from Monika Fekete. Coffee and chemistry are Breville’s and Jordan Markezich’s support specialists at Baratza.

02 Concepts affecting the difficulty of grinding coffee beans

Two concepts affect the grinding coffee beans that we need to distinguish: bean density and bean brittleness. These two concepts can be pretty confusing, but they are precisely two independent concepts.

Bean density

Seed fitness was calculated as the weight of the seeds divided by the volume of the sources. In a word, the heavier the particle, the higher the Density. Coffee beans with high Density tend to contain more sugar and take longer to develop. In high altitude growing areas and low temperatures will lead to more extended coffee cherries, time for coffee beans to absorb more sugar.

Bean brittleness

The crispiness of the seeds changes with the roasting process. Green beans are almost impossible or difficult to grind with conventional tools, while roasted coffee beans are easier to chew, incredibly dark roasted coffee. This difference is because, at the cellular level of the green seed, the vacuole is very hard and firm.

During the roasting process, the water will evaporate, and there will be gaps in the cells that make their structure no longer solid. And of course, at this time, the seeds will be more crispy.


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