What Time Is Robusta Coffee Flowers And Harvest?

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What Time Is Robusta Coffee Flowers And Harvest (2)
What Time Is Robusta Coffee Flowers And Harvest? Referring to robusta coffee, people often think of the Land of the Central Highlands, a country of coffee, where the land is red basalt, sunny and windy. Coffee robusta plant is the most used of all coffees. Do you know what time robusta coffee flowers and harvest ? Let’s go in and find out.
So grow coffee beans when does robusta coffee flower and harvest? Depending on the climate, weather, and care techniques, coffee plants flower early or slowly. Let’s find out about the process of growing flowers and fruiting.

1. The process of growth, flowering, and fruiting.

After planting permanently to the ground for about 2-3 years, the coffee plant will begin to have the first batch of flowers. Coffee flowers are white and the aroma of jasmine is pleasant.

What Time Is Robusta Coffee Flowers And Harvest


Flowers that bloom for a few days will begin to die and about a month later will begin to form young coffee fruits. From the young fruit will grow and gradually turn red. The Arabica line will pollinate itself and Robusta will be pollinated by insects and wind.

The flowering period is between December of the end of the year and March of the next calendar year and the grow coffee beans flower comes in different batches. But usually lasts from 2 to 3 waves and especially in the showers or drizzle …

2. Coffee harvest time

Usually in the Central Highlands, Gia Lai and Kom Tum, Dak Lak, and Dak Nong provinces. This is an area specializing in growing Robusta coffee plants grow – robusta coffee beans. Usually harvest coffee in October – December, some places are slower, usually from November to January.

What Time Is Robusta Coffee Flowers And Harvest (2)


However, depending on the locality, climate, and care. Depending on the annual season, there will be different harvest times. However, the difference in coffee harvest time is very small.

The time of coffee harvest coffee beans every year also has a difference in time. Therefore, the coffee harvest also needs to be based on the ripeness of the coffee cherries production. To have the most reasonable flowering and harvesting time; to produce the highest quality raw coffee beans.

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