What Is Weasel Coffee?

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What Is Weasel Coffee? There will be few people who have never heard of the coffee. Through today’s article, the green department will share with you what kind of Weasel coffee is? How to make delicious Weasel coffee.

Coffee is a drink that is quite familiar to us. Every morning just enjoying an iced black coffee or iced milk coffee will help the spirit alert and full of energy. Coffee called Weasel coffee is considered one of the premium coffees that many people love because of its taste and uniqueness in the way it is processed to create this unique coffee.

1. What is weasel coffee? The origin of coffee?

Vietnam weasel coffee

Weasel coffee vietnamese is also known as mink coffee, which is the type of coffee processed from the waste of ferrets.

When the coffee beans are cooked, they feed the weasel. The sense of smell that the ferret will choose the delicious coffee beans will release the outer shell and only swallow the meat and seeds inside.


These coffee beans are indigestible so that they will be released along with their feces, and it is the fermentation process thanks to enzymes in the stomach before being discharged that helps the coffee beans after roasting harder and crunchier, less protein and have a delicious taste, It’s a more common coffee.

The origin of the vietnam weasel coffee (Kopi) originated in the cultivation and production of dutch coffee in Indonesia on the island of Java.

They did not allow the locals to use this type of coffee bean, and by chance, they discovered an animal called Luwak (named after a weasel) that eats coffee and releases feces. The coffee is still intact, so it has been dried and processed as its drink.


Therefore, vietnamese weasel coffee is also known by the Dutch after Kopi Luwak.

Information mink coffee beans

Natural Weasel coffee (wild weasel coffee)

  • Natural type: This is a scarce coffee because it is made from ferrets that live freely with the natural environment. They are selected delicious coffee beans that it loves, so the taste of this coffee is delicious, the yield is low, and the price is prohibitive. 

Farm Weasel coffee:


  • Farm Type: Coffee fed to ferrets on the farm often has many different nuts, so when produced, it will also taste perfect but can not compare to the natural type.

2. How to weasel coffee make/ weasel coffee made

Make weasel coffee:

There are many ways to make weasel poop coffee. Here are simple ways that anyone can make it at home. Before making coffee, you need to prepare a kettle of boiling water; the dispenser is washed.

  • Step 1: Put about 20g of coffee in the filter (phin), shake lightly for the coffee with the face and use a light lid to compress the coffee just tight enough. Then use your finger to swipe lightly at the bottom of the body, limiting the coffee beans into the glass.
  • Step 2: Slowly pour about 20ml of boiling water into the filter (phin) and cover it to wait for the coffee powder to be soaked with boiling water and hatch.

  • Step 3: After the coffee powder has soaked, continue to pour 40-45ml of boiling water.

Note: When pouring water, you pour water into the center, slowly and slowly, so that the water flows evenly down to the coffee powder in the filter (phin).

  • Step 4: Cover, and after about 2-3 minutes, the coffee will drop slowly. Wait for the coffee to drip. You put sugar and ice as you like to enjoy.

3. Note about the method of producing coffee

It is known that this is a delicious and expensive coffee, but the output of nguyen weasel coffee is only low.

For-profit, the production facility has been relentlessly hunting wild and artificially raised ferrets to motivate them to produce more manure and obtain more coffee beans.

Ferrets are free-living, wild animals. If they are kept in a small cage, they will become more irritated and not even eat, leading to disease and death.


Because of this, to protect the wildlife, we can limit the use of this type of coffee; this is also helping us contribute to protecting the environment.

Here’s some information about the type of coffee that the green depa

rtment introduces to you. Drinking coffee is a hobby of many people, but hopefully, you will have a new perspective to choose the proper coffee for yourself through the above article.

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