What is the best type of coffee beans?

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What is the best type of coffee beans?

What is the best type of coffee beans? For most coffee users, the first thing we notice is the difference in the taste of the brewed cups of coffee. However, baristas, business owners of coffee drinks, and others who simply want to learn and experience this drink pay more attention to the quality of the coffee beans used to make delicious cups of coffee.

Sometimes, they ponder “What is the best type of coffee beans?” So let’s study a bit about the most fabulous coffee beans of the leading coffee-producing countries in the world to partly find the answer for you, who love this beverage.

What is the best type of coffee beans?

Since being known widely in the 1600s, coffee has become the most popular drink globally over the past six centuries. Nowadays, there are many varieties of coffee grown in the world. In your opinion, “Which one is the best coffee?”

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Each of us has our own coffee preferences, which are influenced by our country’s traditions, environment, and coffee culture. As a result, determining the perfect coffee for everyone is challenging. But one thing is certain: “The best type of coffee beans” must always be used to make “a nice cup of coffee”.

2 Main types of coffee beans

What is the best type of coffee beans?
What is the best type of coffee beans?

There are numerous varieties of coffee available, each with its own distinct flavor and scent. It is difficult for me to mention them one by one, so to keep things simple, we will only discuss the two most popular types of coffee: Robusta and Arabica.

Arabica coffee:

Arabica coffee is the most widely consumed coffee in the world, accounting for more than 60% of global annual coffee production. The two most popular strains of Arabica are Moka and Catimor, with Moka being consumed more frequently than Catimor.

Temperate regions with temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, altitudes over 1000 meters, and moderate humidity are biological characteristics of Arabica. The majority of them are grown in South America. Arabica coffee fruits are oval in shape, with two oval kernels per fruit, which are larger than Robusta coffee beans. PEABERRY refers to malformed fruits with only one nucleus.

Robusta coffee: 

Robusta coffee is the world’s second most common coffee after Arabica coffee. They can be grown in tropical settings with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius and elevations under 1000 meters. Robusta coffee berries are round, with two coffee beans also spherical and vivid yellow-brown. It is widely farmed in Africa and Asia (including Indonesia and India, but production is especially high in Vietnam).


Arabica coffee has a slightly bitter taste, a pleasant scent, and a sweet and sour taste due to the caffeine concentration of only 1-2 percent in the beans. Robusta has a greater caffeine level than Arabica, ranging from 2-4 percent. Therefore the flavor is deeper and rougher, with a grainy undertone and a peanutty aftertaste.

According to experts and coffee connoisseurs, Arabica beans will produce a better, more varied, and delicate flavor. However, it does not imply that Robusta is unappealing; everyone has enjoyable tastes, and people in my country, Vietnamese, are passionate about the powerful bitter taste of this type of coffee.

What are your thoughts? Which one is your favorite? Everyone has their own likes and tastes, and people in my country, Vietnam, are passionate about the robust bitter taste of this type of coffee. What are your thoughts? Which one is your favorite?

How to Select Quality Whole Bean Coffee

We can store the whole bean coffee for 6 to 9 months and up to 2 or 3 years in the freezer. The shelf life of roasted coffee, on the other hand, is much shorter; we should use it within three weeks to maintain the aroma and flavor.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the roasting date of coffee beans to choose the closest one. As a result, purchasing from a local roaster will certainly ensure freshness. Furthermore, the degree of roasting impacts the flavor and quality of coffee. You may read more about roasted beans and select the type that best suits your preferences.

What about unroasted whole-bean coffee? There are so many options from around the world that you can try famous nuts to discover your favorite. And regardless of the country, the first step is to choose a trustworthy coffee bean producer.

The most fabulous coffee beans from the top five coffee-producing countries in the world 

What is the best type of coffee beans?
Anshool Deshmukh (2021). “The World’s Top Coffee Producing Countries”.

Coffee Brazil

Being the largest and the most complex coffee producer in the world, Brazil boasts a wide variety of coffees, from the most affordable to the most expensive. This country is also known for having the best brewing industry in the world.

Brazil Santos coffee is the country’s most well-known specialty-grade coffee. Brazil Santos is the name that comes from the port where this region’s coffee travels. Bourbon Santos coffee is known for its smooth and mild flavors, often described as nutty and sweet. Most of these beans are grown in São Paulo or Minas Gerais.

Coffee Vietnam

Vietnam is known for being the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee. Vietnamese coffee is distinguished from its competitors by its texture and flavor. The Central Highlands of Vietnam is known for their coffee production areas, such as Cau Dat (Lam Dong) and especially Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak), which is the country’s leading Robusta coffee pot.

Export companies select numerous local coffee items for delivery to customers in many locations worldwide. Our Helena coffee is one of these coffee producers and exporters; we always choose the best coffee beans, process and pack them to the most excellent standards, and offer our customers a memorable coffee experience.

top five producing coffee countries
What is the best type of coffee beans?

Coffee Colombia

This country produces 810,000 tons of coffee per year, making it the second-largest Arabic coffee-producing country. Columbia is known for the quality of its coffee, particularly the Arabian kind which is sweeter and less bitter than Robusta beans and has a moderate flavor with hints of chocolate and almonds.

Coffee Indonesia

The geographical location and climate have made Indonesia the third-largest producer of Robusta coffee. Indonesia exports up to 270,000 tons a year with more than 20 varieties grown like Bali, Flores, Java, Papua, Sulawesi, etc., named after the growing area.

The most famous Indonesian coffee specialty is Kopi Luwak. It is the world’s best coffee because it is harvested from analyzing weasels living in tropical forests through a unique intensive farming process. Weasel coffee is a type of coffee with flavor characteristics and has its class in the market.

Coffee Ethiopia

Ethiopia, which ranks sixth among the world’s top coffee suppliers, is known as the birthplace of Arabica. Arabica production and export are critical to the economy of this country. About 15 million people, equivalent to 16% of the population, work in the coffee sector.

Ethiopian coffee is more diversified and prosperous than coffee from anywhere else, with a wide range of coffee varieties, unique traits, and flavors. Harar, Limu, Sidamo, and Yirgacheffe are Arabica varietals that the Ethiopian government owns and protects.


Nowadays, coffee has become an essential component of many people’s life. Regardless of any type of coffee bean produced, any coffee-based beverage created will have its customers. I hope this article has given you a detailed perspective on selecting your personal coffee experience and discovering “The best type of coffee beans”.

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