What Is Rustic Roasted Coffee?

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What Is Rustic Roasted Coffee? Wood roasted coffee can be said to be the best choice for coffee lovers, but not everyone knows about rustic coffee and also loves it. Therefore, rustic coffee is not popular in the market.

The concept of roasted and ground coffee beans (flavor)

Wood roasted coffee is coffee beans that are roasted only by temperature, using a coffee roaster and standard color soup, then ground and put into use, without adding any other flavorings. while roasting. That’s why people use the word rustic (meaning rustic) to name this coffee. So we can understand by the name with the simple meaning that this is a 100% natural coffee.

Currently, wood-roasted coffee on the market is not popular, so very few people know about this type of coffee. Current coffee beans will often be seasoned with a little flavoring to increase the delicious taste of the coffee beans. This is also good, but if the business owner uses unclean aromas, the coffee will lose its value.

Identify roasted ground coffee beans

Depending on the form of coffee beans, coffee powder, or coffee water, the way to identify rustic roasted coffee is also very special and different:

– When it is still coffee beans: After roasting, coffee beans will usually be sold whole, when customers buy them, they will be ground into a powder. In this form, the coffee beans are easy to distinguish, the surface of the beans is a bit rough, but when you touch it, you will notice that there is a thin layer of oil covering the outside of the beans due to the appearance of the roasting process.

– When the coffee beans have been ground into a powder: The simple way to recognize it is to smell the smell, the smell of rustic roasted coffee is lighter, not harsh if smelled for a long time. In addition, the ground coffee beans are roasted and ground because they are not seasoned, so the powder state is not too wet, so for this type, the coffee powder will be more porous than usual. In terms of color, it will be relatively uniform, different from current brewed coffee.

– When roasted coffee has been mixed with water: In this state, it is very easy to recognize, just look at the watercolor. The water is brown, just a little thicker than white water, this is a 100% safe and great-tasting cup of roasted coffee.

The reason why rustic roasted coffee is not popular in the market 

Wood-roasted coffee is a product of pure coffee beans, so if you compare it with volume, wood-roasted coffee is much lighter when compared to flavoring coffee. Accordingly, the price of rustic roasted coffee is usually not cheap, this is the main reason why rustic roasted coffee beans from the past to the present are still not popular in the market.

Because of its pure flavor and high price, rustic roasted coffee is not often used much. The popularity is lower than that of coffees that are spiced when roasted.

In addition, the reason why rustic roasted coffee beans do not attract much attention is that flavoring coffee will have a variety of flavors, attracting more consumers. A large part of daily coffee users do not know much about coffee, people choose coffee based on its scent, but it is just a marinated taste. Pure unseasoned coffee will not have too much aroma, but only have a gentle smell when smelled through the nose. Therefore, rustic roasted coffee has so far not been popular in the mass market, popularly.

However, with the coffee market being entangled with a lot of information about today’s dirty coffees, clean coffees such as rustic roasted coffee are gradually attracting the attention of consumers. Coffee users should learn how to change their coffee-drinking habits, and get used to the taste of rustic coffee so that they can ensure safety for their health and contribute to eliminating the evils of dirty coffee in the market.

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