What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta

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What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta – Coffee followers around the world have paid particular attention to Robusta coffee. So, what’s so particular about this coffee? How does it taste? Let’s find out together.

What are Robusta Coffee beans?

Robusta coffee is also known as Voi coffee. This type of coffee is prevalent in our country. You can see these trees in areas with altitudes below 1000m.

Compared with Arabica coffee varieties, Robusta brings higher yields. In the Central Highlands, Lam Dong the largest coffee-growing area worldwide. Currently, our country is known as the largest Robusta exporter globally.

What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta
What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta

Robusta is a rich coffee variety that is resistant to pests and diseases. Because of that, the output of coffee is also much higher than that of Arabica. The most noticeable feature of Robusta coffee is its pungent smell. Many diners enjoy the same feeling that the taste of this coffee is very similar to oatmeal. You can combine sugar and milk in the appropriate ratio depending on your preference.

The Origins of Robusta

In 1800, people found it in Congo – Belgium. By 1900, Robusta was introduced into Southeast Asia to replace the Arabica variety wholly destroyed by rust disease easily.

After that, it trees gradually became more popular in the Lomani River. This coffee was bred in Canada at the Brussels nursery to come to Java. Later, Robusta coffee was more prevalent in India, Ivory Coast, Guang…

What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta
What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta

This coffee is produced and widely distributed in Vietnam to areas with suitable soil conditions. Delivers highly efficient performance—especially in the Central Highlands provinces.

Robusta coffee growing area in Vietnam

One of the factors that help Vietnam maintain its position as the second-largest coffee exporter globally is soil. This is one of the most important and decisive factors affecting coffee quality.

Buon Ma Thuot

This is the oldest coffee-growing area in the country. The French have carefully studied the soil, climate, and altitude…

What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta
What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta

They have chosen the land of Buon Ma Thuot to grow Robusta which is highly suitable. With the highest yield, Buon Ma Thuot is worthy of the name of the coffee capital of Vietnam.

Lam Dong (coffee market) 

Although not as prominent as Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee is also trendy in Lam Dong. Grown at a position 900m above sea level. There are many hilly areas with cool climates. Therefore, Lam Dong is the area that produces many of the best coffee in the world making so many people fascinated not to leave.

Khe Sanh (Quang Tri)

This is a land of suitable altitude, with the Lao wind blowing dry the grasslands, bringing different flavours than other coffee products.

Dak Nong

Famous for Da Mi coffee, with an area of ​​up to 19,000ha of coffee. The annual output obtained accounts for one-third of the coffee production in the province. She was bringing the unique flavor of this Dak Mi land.

How does Robusta taste?

It is difficult to describe the taste of a coffee-like. But, according to those who have knowledge as well knowledge about coffee, this coffee has a woody taste and the smell of burnt rubber when conducting a cupping test (coffee tasting activity). It has a sour taste, but the acidity is relatively low.

What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta
What Is Robusta Coffee – Learn About Robusta

The caffeine content in this coffee ranges from 2-2.5%, twice that of Arabica coffee. Currently, quite a few people choose to mix these two types of coffee to create a unique flavour.

The processing and handling process can directly determine the amount of caffeine and the acidity, bitterness, etc. We use wet coffee processing technology to make the coffee clean but with a sour taste. If the dry processing method is applied, the thick body will give the coffee a strong bitter taste.

What is the price of Robusta coffee? (Robusta coffee plant)

However, not because the price is lower, but because the quality is worse. Each coffee line will have characteristics flavours and suit each person’s preferences. For those who love boldness, Robusta coffee is the first choice.

Understanding consumers’ tastes, manufacturers also produce many different types of Robusta such as rustic roasted Robusta, robusta mix… Based on each person’s preferences, one can consider and choose the most suitable coffee for you. However, no matter what, you should choose a reputable supplier to enjoy a healthy cup of pure coffee.

Indeed, this coffee will touch the hearts and interests of many people when they want to have clean, pure Vietnamese, and rich coffee products. This type of coffee gives the drinker a unique feeling. The most important thing is that you need to choose for yourself a genuine and quality Robusta product, then the mark that the product brings is valuable.

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