What Is Culi Coffee? – Characteristics Of Culi Coffee

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What Is Culi Coffee

What Is Culi Coffee? Coffee has long been a familiar drink for many people. When enjoying coffee, we feel refreshed awake and feel the delicious taste and characteristic aroma of coffee. Among them, Culi coffee (Peaberry Coffee) is the most appreciated and loved.

For more knowledge about the upcoming coffee or to enjoy a better cup of coffee, let’s find out with Helena through the article below!

What is Culi Coffee?

Culi coffee is also known by another name, Peaberry. In Spanish, people call this coffee Caracol. This type of coffee is characterized by a round shape like a bean and at the same time has a seductive aroma and taste.

Usually, a coffee fruit has two kernels, corresponding to 2 flat coffee beans. They will be split in half during the harvesting process. However, for Culi coffee, one fruit has only one bean, round and complete shape.

Culi coffee, one fruit has only one bean

Since the coffee bean has only one bean, the caffeine content is also significantly higher. When mixed into a drink, you will feel the concentration, and sweet aroma, as well as sudden refreshment and alertness from this drink.

Peaberry Coffee accounts for only about 5% of the total in one harvest. That is why this coffee is quite rare, and therefore the price is also higher than the average in the market.

Culi coffee lines 

Like other types of coffee, Culi coffee has many distinctive lines with different shapes and flavor characteristics. There are two famous Culi coffee lines: Culi Robusta and Culi Arabica.

Culi Robusta coffee has a more robust and bitter flavor than flat-seeded Robusta coffee. Meanwhile, if you enjoy Culi Arabica coffee, you will feel the unique sour taste. In particular, when you pay close attention, you will indeed find that the aroma is more fragrant than flat-grain Arabica coffee.

There are two types of coffee, including Culi Robusta and Culi Arabica.

Features of Culi coffee

The taste of fine Culi coffee is unique and delicate. The highlight of this coffee’s flavor is the aftertaste and depth that lingers to the last drop. When enjoying it, you will find that this coffee has a significant “personality,” its features, and stands out compared to other coffee beans on the market today.

If other types of coffee have a bitter taste at an average level, not clear, the delicious Culi coffee stands out with a strong bitter taste.

This comes from the high caffeine content in the seeds, which gives it a characteristic bitter taste, and at the same time, provides the water with a wavy black color.

In one crop season, the amount of Culi coffee harvested is quite rare. Coffee beans are whole, with only one fruit, and usually,

Cafe Culi for a unique, delicate taste.

Only 2% to 5% of the total is obtained. In addition, with a sweet and unique taste that is hard to resist, this coffee is respectfully called “pearl” in the Vietnamese coffee village.

Culi coffee review

Culi coffee is appreciated for its more delicious taste than regular varieties when roasted. This is explained by the round shape of the coffee beans, which will minimize the angular parts and avoid contact with the surface of the roasting pan, thus preserving the properties of the coffee and facilitating the process Roast coffee beans.

In particular, thanks to the round shape, the coffee beans are quickly roasted evenly, not scorched or raw, or cooked. Heat is transferred and dissipated in each Culi coffee bean to create a seductive scent.

The quality of Culi coffee

It can be said that Culi cafe is the pride of Vietnamese people. This is a coffee with aroma and taste formed from the most quintessential things that nature bestows, nurtured from the characteristics of the red basalt land.

Therefore, this type of coffee gives you a delicious and complete drink. In many cases, people are now offering Culi coffee cups in delicious pure coffee, serving diners.

Currently, Vietnam has many units selling Culi coffee.

Besides, this item also has a very high export value and is favored by many countries worldwide. In Vietnam, many coffee lovers love and make their cups of coffee from original Culi coffee.

How to enjoy Culi coffee

Peaberry Coffee has a unique flavor and aroma, so when enjoying it, it is often confused with other coffee lines. People often mix 80% Robusta and 20% Culi Arabica for preparation to produce a perfect filter coffee.

This cup of coffee will have the rich bitterness of Robusta mixed with the aromatic and fatty taste of Culi coffee. For brewing by machine, you can brew 70% Honey Robusta and 30% Culi Arabica for a delicious cup of coffee.

Peaberry Coffee will be one of the excellent coffees, making a great drink for you. What could be better than starting a new day with this delicious, tasty cup of coffee!


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