What Is Craft Coffee Beer?

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What Is Craft Coffee Beer
What Is Craft Coffee Beer? Craft beer coffee is a relatively new drink in Vietnam. The perfect blend of coffee and craft beer for the drinker creates the ideal experience. Let’s look at the basics of craft beer to get a better understanding of this new product.

It’s not difficult to find a craft beer bar somewhere, but finding one that serves craft beer is more complicated. Craft beer coffee is a delicate blend of two drinks that demand high sensitivity and empathy, craft beer and coffee. Craft beer coffee leaves a lasting impression on everyone with the same flavor and taste Unique.

People who appreciate beer and coffee not only perceive it as a drink that helps them concentrate and be more creative, but they also regard the glass of beer as a focal point for chats and dates. Craft beer with various flavors and sorts, ideal for numerous audiences with diverse personalities, meticulous in each famous brewing method, flavored in each batch of mixed coffee. It’s not an easy task.

You’ll be able to tell the difference if you’re learning this product line for the first time, but you’ll find studying the complicated names and signs fascinating. Discover a new artisan beer and coffee world with Helena Coffee as you work through the Workshop’s product system.

Nitro Coffee Craft Beer: What is it?

Craft beer, sometimes known as craft beer coffee, is a type of beer made in small batches by small and medium-sized breweries (microbreweries). In contrast to large-scale production facilities that prioritize quantity and cost, Craft breweries emphasize taste and product quality. Despite accounting for a small percentage of the market, craft beer coffee goods have a significant impact because of their meticulousness, quality, and diversity.

Ingredients For Coffee Beer Make-Up

Craft beer coffee is a hybrid of coffee and craft beer, with water, hops, malt, yeast, or fruit as the primary ingredients. When used to make beer, water with a ratio of up to 95% must meet specified standards, which helps restrict the completed product’s flavour change.

Hops are the ingredients that give each beer its bitter flavour and aroma, depending on the proportions used during manufacture. Malt, yeast, and fermented fruit are the elements that aid in determining the alcohol content in beer as it ages.

What Is Craft Coffee Beer

Helena selects coffees from a storehouse of 100 per cent Arabica imported coffee for her coffee ingredients. A beautiful and rich experience awaits you when you discover a source of high-quality coffee with an original flavour that accurately reflects the nature of the growing location.

Passion fruit and cherry notes abound in this Kenyan eggplant. With its delicate flavour, Ethiopian fragrant eggplant creates an atmosphere filled with jasmine and bright orange scents. Low-acidity Brazilian eggplant has a lovely tropical fruit flavour—Guatemalan eggplant with peach and jasmine undertones.

One thing must be said: good coffee, regardless of how it is processed, is an excellent work of art in and of itself. That is the all-powerful adaptation and transformation hidden in coffee bean quality. With their distinctive yellow-orange flavour, Ethiopia’s Chelbesa coffee beans will evolve to a new level when mixed with the Wheat Ale brewing method, creating an explosion that will shock the taste receptors due to the sweetness.

As if you’re savouring the most incredible gelato on the planet. As a result, combining speciality coffee with unique taste essences chosen by Helena employees results in an intriguing drink known as craft beer coffee. The variety and scepticism of speciality coffee, combined with well-known brewing procedures, is a way to substantially enhance the coffee lover’s experience, not a translucent veil that masks defects.

Recognizing the actual value of the coffee bean, regardless of the approach, is the best way to find the perfect pure beauty. Coffee is still the highlight of the quality that produces the halo area for the product, whether craft beer or original aromatic coffee.

Standard Indicators

1. ABV – Alcohol By volume

This term refers to the alcohol content of beer (%). The higher the percentage, the higher the beer concentration. At Helena, the Stout line has 7% alcohol, Wheat Ale 6%, New England IPA 5% and Cider 3%. Based on this index, drinkers can easily choose the type of beer that suits their needs and abilities.

2. IBU – International Bitterness Unit

Term for the bitterness of beer, from 0 to 100+. The higher the IBU, the more bitter the beer. The bitter taste is an attractive factor, but it also causes discomfort to many people. Craft beer coffee at Helena has a bitterness of 30-45; especially the Cider line is fermented from fruit, so the offence is absent.

3. Body

The term refers to the base, consistency and strength of the beer. You can quickly feel the beer quality when enjoying and experiencing it. Corresponding to the consistency, the flavours and aromas in beer are correspondingly more robust.

Small Beer Lines

There are many craft beer lines, but Helena chooses 04 famous brewing methods to create her craft beer coffee.

1. Wheat Ale

The beer is heavy with essence, characterized by a full aroma and relatively high bitterness. Enjoy beer; it is not difficult to feel the taste in the bar, the freshness of the beer. Wheat Ale at Helena is combined with Chelbesa coffee, leaving an unforgettable impression with the incredible passion fruit flavour and Chelbesa Nitro Wheat Ale.

What Is Craft Coffee Beer

2. Stout

More robust, bolder and malty beer. Feeling brave stout is considered suitable for people who experience “strong” things. Fazenda São Benedito Nitro Stout combines coffee from the farm Fazenda São Benedito from Brazil and this powerful brewing method.

3. New England IPA

New England is a famous region in the northeastern United States for its unique brewing method. The IPA of this region is a slightly translucent or cloudy beer with a delicious, creamy smooth feel – a light/dry feel common in other IPAs. Combined with AA Muchagrara #139, the Muchagara Nitro NEIPA craft beer coffee product is chosen by many customers to enjoy.

4. Cider

The cider at Helena is cooked with fruit yeast. So the bitterness is absent, and the aroma is almost pushed up very high. Slim body, delicate aroma and full of passion, Finca El Cascajal Sparkling Cider is suitable for women and those who want to enjoy gently


When it comes to craft beer, approach it with an open mind. Open your heart to the original beauty in each coffee bean, sipping the strong yeast of each legendary brewing method, and you’re ready to tour the land of coffee. That’s all there is to it.

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