What Does The Number 60 On The V60 Funnel Mean?

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What Does The Number 60 On The V60 Funnel Mean? Released in 1980 until now, V60 retains the same shape. And the number 60 on the V60 name is the 60-degree angle of the citadel. This divine angle has captivated millions of coffee enthusiasts around the world since its appearance and officially became the Symbol of the 3rd wave of coffee – the Specialty Coffee Wave.

So, why is the V60’s 60º angle so special?

The 60º angle of the V60 funnel allows water to flow into the center. The 60º angle prevents water from immediately flowing through the coffee by gravity. The water also flows horizontally towards the center of the funnel. The water lingers in the coffee long enough, giving you plenty of time to extract and extract the quintessential flavors of the coffee. Therefore, the coffee brewed hopper produces more flavor. With every small change in the way you brew, you can make a difference in the coffee you drink. Thanks to the V60, you can experience a wonderful, fresh range of coffee flavors.

The V60 Funnel

Also, Angle 60º is a common angle in math, design, and nature. This is the “standard” design often seen by natural architects. V60 was created based on that inspiration (Natural Shape). An elegant and sturdy cone. The funnel will help you create great coffee flavors in just a few simple steps.

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That’s it, V60 comes from nature, is used to make coffee, and agents get all the quintessence from coffee. With only a 60-degree angle and grooves,  has become the National Funnel, no, the People’s World Funnel – The funnel that every coffee lover in the world owns.

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