Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) – Daklak, Vietnam

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Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) - Daklak, Vietnam

Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) – Daklak, Vietnam: Robusta coffee beans screen 18 and 16 wet polished at Helena Coffee Vietnam is a carefully selected coffee bean from fields in Vietnam’s Central Highlands area – Daklak province – Vietnam. These fields contribute to more than 90 per cent of Vietnam’s total coffee output and are located in Helena Coffee Vietnam. Customerworldwideld has identified coffee beans from the Central Highlands as a confluence of circumstances that allow for the formation and rapid growth of coffee trees. These beans come from the Central Highlands.

What is Wet Polished Robusta Coffee?

During the polishing process in Robusta Coffee Beans, coffee beans are placed in a high-pressure pump system that continually sprays mist. This creates mutual friction in the coffee beans. The residual silk will be removed from the coffee as a result of this rubbing, and the surface of the coffee beans will become more polished and attractive as a result. The polishing process also results in a loss of 1-2 per cent of the total volume of coffee. It necessitates the use of post-friction cooling technology to maintain the quality of the coffee. The quality of wet-polished Robusta is far higher than that of dry-polished Robusta. The product undergoes a more thorough screening process, eliminating silk and other impurities. As a result, the coffee is cleaner, purer, more delicious, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) – Daklak, Vietnam

Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16)

Robusta coffee beans screen 18 and 16 wet polished are classified as significant and medium-sized coffee. These beans are more extensive than those classified as a screen: 16 and no. 18—Robusta coffee beans screen 16 wet polished medium-sized coffee beans larger than 16 sieves. Robusta coffee beans are used in high-quality coffee. After that, the beans go through a process called wet polishing, in which they are placed in a system with a high pumping capacity and a continuous mist pressure to induce a rubbing action in the coffee beans. The coffee beans’ surface will become more glossy and appealing due to the friction between them, which will cause the remaining silk peel to be torn off.

As a result of the production process described above, the Robusta coffee beans screen 16 and 18 wet polished are subjected to careful screening, improved quality, and the removal of impurities and silk skin. As a result, the coffee beans are significantly cleaner, more attractive, and significantly more delicious.

Wet Polished Robusta – Export standard coffee

Robusta coffee has a mildly sour taste and a mild aroma mixed with a strong bitter taste, Robusta coffee is incredibly high in caffeine, so it is chosen by many people who like a strong flavour. After being harvested, Robusta coffee will be processed by many methods to produce different Robusta coffee products. Among them, dry-processed Robusta coffee accounts for the majority, with the most significant export reserves in the world, and is considered the symbol of Vietnamese coffee.

However, the processing by conventional methods creates coffee products of low standard because the product still contains many silk skins, impurities, broken and black seeds, uneven percentage of beans, … leading to difficulties in quality control and export. Since the introduction of wet polish, the above challenges have been solved.

Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) - Daklak, Vietnam
Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) – Daklak, Vietnam

Accordingly, the coffee beans in the polishing process are put into a high-pressure pump system that continuously sprays mist to create mutual friction in the coffee beans. This rubbing will peel off the remaining silk on the coffee and make the surface of the coffee beans more shiny and beautiful. The polishing process also reduces the total volume of coffee by 1-2% and requires post-friction cooling technology to ensure coffee quality.

Wet-polished Robusta has much better quality, the product is more carefully screened, removing the silk, and impurities, making the coffee cleaner, purer, tastier and more beautiful.

Where to buy Vietnamese wet polished Robusta coffee?

With many years of experience in production, processing and quality control, Helena Coffee Vietnam is proud to be a stable, high-quality wet polished Robusta coffee supplier with reasonable prices. The successful construction of a closed model from the stage of collection, selection, and preliminary processing to the stage of operation, supply and distribution of products; helps Helena Coffee Vietnam optimize the quality control process and product stability; This makes the products that Helena Coffee Vietnam provides to customers at excellent prices with very high quality.

Vietnamese Wet Polished Robusta Coffee (SCR18, SCR16) - Daklak, Vietnam
Vietnamese Robusta Coffee in Daklak, Vietnam

The current wet-polished Robusta green coffee is a full line of export quality standards. However, the price difference is not too high compared to standard Robusta lines. Customers can choose the appropriate coffee line depending on the roasting method and coffee quality. Contact Helena Coffee Vietnam for more advice on this line!

Specifications of Robusta coffee beans from Daklak, Vietnam








Ripe Rate




Foreign Matter




Broken rate


Rate on Sieve


Bean size (Sieve)

S18, S16


Daklak, Vietnam

Packing 60kg/bag



Package Jute bag/ PP bag/ Multi-layer bag (50kg) or according to customer requirements.
Shipping time Both parties agree on shipping time, but it will usually be speedy due to the available pepper production.


Payment terms LC at sight, TT, DP, CAD, sign contract, pay the rest when receiving goods
Sampling service Complimentary for testing samples and receiving detailed advice before making a deposit


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