Vietnamese Coffee Recipe: How To Make A Delicious Iced Milk Coffee

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Vietnamese Coffee Recipe: How To Make A Delicious Iced Milk Coffee: Iced milk coffee, also known as brown rice, is typical drinking in Vietnam, especially in Saigon. This drink has been recognized worldwide as the Vietnamese way of brewing with the English name Vietnamese Iced Coffee. So how famous is iced milk coffee, how to make a good cup of iced milk coffee will be told by Bonjour Coffee in the following article.

1. Introducing iced milk coffee Vietnamese

History of iced milk coffee

Vietnamese people started enjoying coffee in the mid-19th century. At that time, fresh milk was still a scarce ingredient, so condensed milk was added to the coffee. History does not record exactly when and who first invented the iced milk coffee. However, iced milk coffee was one of the first and most popular ways of making Vietnamese people at that time.

The popularity of iced milk coffee

Iced milk coffee is so famous that not only visitors to Vietnam want to enjoy it, but also delegations of ambassadors, heads of state, and world newspapers are interested in this drink.

  • When visiting the city. Ho Chi Minh, Prime Minister of Canada enjoyed Vietnamese iced milk coffee.
  • During a trip to Hanoi, former US President Obama did not forget to mention iced milk coffee.
  • Vietnam’s iced milk coffee was also voted by Bloomberg as one of the 10 most unique coffee dishes in the world.
  • Besides, CN Traveler Magazine also voted this as the first drink not to be missed if tourists have the opportunity to set foot in Vietnam.

That said, besides modern coffee dishes such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Pour over, Cold Brew, etc., iced milk coffee plays a certain role in coffee shops. So we, coffee lovers, are proud to enjoy Vietnamese iced milk coffee.

2. Iced milk coffee recipe Vietnamese

Prepare materials

To make a delicious cup of iced milk coffee, you need to prepare the ingredients according to the following recipe:

  • Pure coffee powder: 25g (2-3 spoons)
  • Condensed milk: 2-3 teaspoons (1 milk: 1 coffee)
  • Boiling water: 100ml, temperature 93-95 degrees Celsius.
  • Tea filter
  • Coffee cup
  • Spoon
  • Ice

    Need to prepare: coffee, filter, milk, ice to make a delicious cup of iced milk coffee.

Steps to make milk coffee

  • Step 1: Rinse the coffee-making tools: filter, cup, cup. This will evenly heat the appliance for a better cup of coffee.
  • Step 2: Pour condensed milk into the coffee cup. Normally, for each coffee filter, you should add about 2-3 tablespoons of condensed milk. You can adjust the amount of milk according to your taste. (You can also add milk to the coffee after it’s made.)
  • Step 3: Put the coffee powder into the filter. Shake gently to a flat coffee surface. Place the coffee filter on the coffee cup. Use a compression plate to gently press down the coffee powder. It should be compressed just enough so that the coffee flows slowly without clogging the water.
  • Step 4: Let the water reduce the temperature to 93-95 degrees Celsius (for 1-2 minutes after boiling), and pour the water just above the coffee surface to brew. You can put the filter on the filter land id, and pour some boiling water into the lid so that the coffee absorbs the hot water from below. This helps the layers of the coffee to absorb water evenly, helping the coffee taste better.
  • Step 5: After about 1-2 minutes, pour water until the filter is almost full, and then close the filter lid.
  • Step 6: Wait about 3-5 minutes for the coffee to finish flowing. Stir together coffee and condensed milk. You can also add milk at this step and stir. Put the milk coffee into the prepared ice cup. So you can enjoy a delicious cup of iced milk coffee made by yourself.

3. Tips for making delicious iced milk coffee Vietnamese

Notes during Brewing

  • The secret to having a good cup of iced milk coffee is to finish brewing the coffee within 5-7 minutes, from the time you start pouring the water. If the water flows too fast (fast brewing time) the coffee will be sour (under). If the water flows too slowly, the coffee will be bitter (over). The average drip rate is about 1 drop/second. However, for pure coffee, or coffee powder with moderate fineness, the drip speed will be a bit faster.
  • To avoid residue in the coffee cup when drinking, you should place the filter cap under the filter while brewing coffee. After brewing, put the coffee and residue into the filter.
  • Before putting milk coffee into an iced cup, you need to drain all the water in the iced cup to make the iced milk coffee more flavorful.

    It is recommended to pour the water in the ice cup out before putting the coffee into the ice cup.

How to choose equipment for making iced milk coffee

  • You should choose an aluminum filter, the type with small holes, and evenly drip coffee at a moderate speed. Lightweight aluminum material for good heat retention helps enough heat to make coffee, thereby extracting the best coffee.

See colored aluminum filters here:  Stylish color ion-plated aluminum filters.

  • Need to rinse filter and coffee maker first.
  • The most commonly used coffee cups are the glass ones without handles.


Should choose aluminum filter for the best quality iced milk coffee.

Choose coffee to have a delicious cup of iced milk coffee

There are two popular types of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica. Due to the high caffeine content of Robusta, it is quite compact and bitter. Meanwhile, Arabica beans with low caffeine content but are more fragrant. So you can mix these two coffees to create your taste.

An interesting fact is that the degree of roasting also determines the taste of the coffee.

  • Lightly roasted coffee has a sour, sometimes acrid taste.
  • medium-roasted coffee has a chocolate color with a bitter, sweet and sour taste.
  • Brown roasted coffee has a strong bitter taste, and passionate aroma, not sour.

Thanks to that, experienced roasters, understand the taste of Vietnamese coffee to choose the right roasting degree from which to produce the best coffee.

Either way, you should choose pure coffee, bought at reputable addresses. If you buy coffee to enjoy at home, you should choose a pure coffee powder that won’t have to grind coffee when brewing.

In case you buy coffee for the shop, you should choose pure coffee beans. To make coffee from beans, a grinder is a must. However, coffee that has just been ground and then brewed will give a better cup of coffee.

Water source and water temperature to make iced milk coffee

Recommended to use spring water, or water from the filter to feel the delicious taste of coffee.

Should choose pure coffee to make iced milk coffee.

Prepare coffee with clean, boiled water. The most suitable temperature is 93-95 degrees Celsius. Do not brew coffee with boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius.

The recipe for making the right iced milk coffee

The amount of water for the right cup of milk coffee can be customized according to your needs. Usually, the amount of water is 4-5 times that of coffee. According to this recipe, you will make a delicious cup of iced milk coffee. For example:

  • Coffee: 25 g (3 spoons);
  • Boiling water: 80-100ml.

    Should use filtered water to make a delicious iced milk coffee.

4. The effect of iced milk coffee Vietnamese

In addition to the effect of helping mental focus and reducing drowsiness in a short time that everyone knows, iced milk coffee also has the following positive effects:

  • The caffeine in coffee also helps relieve headaches, reduce anxiety and stress, and support the treatment of low blood pressure.
  • It strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight off common diseases.
  • Effective weight loss support thanks to the ability of caffeine to convert fatty acids into easily consumed energy, promoting the burning of excess fat.

Diuretics affect and remove toxins from the body.

5. Who should not drink milk coffee?

Although it brings some benefits, pregnant women should not abuse the way of making iced coffee with milk. Because caffeine in addition to the risk of causing an increase in heart rate and sleep problems, it can be passed through the womb and can directly affect the health of the fetus. In addition, milk coffee also contains Phenol, which interferes with the body’s absorption of iron – a substance that is essential for pregnancy.

Pregnant women should not abuse milk coffee too much, it will affect the fetus

Although it has the effect of supporting the treatment of low blood pressure, doctors also advise people with a fast heartbeat not to use iced coffee with milk too much.



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