Vietnam Coffee Brand: The Top 9 Brands Of Instant Coffee

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Vietnam Coffee Brand: The Top 9 Brands Of Instant Coffee - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Vietnam Coffee Brand: The Top 9 Brands Of Instant Coffee – Are you curious about the most well-known instant Vietnam coffee brand?

Because you absolutely cannot ignore the premium and premium instant coffee brands that Helena Coffee suggests below if you are a “real enthusiast” of coffee flavour! Let’s together research this.

Instant coffee G7

The company’s G7 instant coffee is its standout offering. After almost 20 years in the public eye, G7 has introduced a range of products to cater to the various needs of customers.

The G7 3in1 instant coffee, G7 Cappuccino instant coffee, G7 instant black coffee, etc., are a few examples of well-known goods.

High-end instant Vietnam coffee brand G7 has a sizable market share, is well-liked by customers, and does well in sales. G7 instant coffee is well-liked in the nation and available in more than 60 other nations and areas.

This coffee firm has been found on the shelves of global superpowers. Furthermore, the only coffee brand trusted to provide coffee at international conferences in Vietnam is G7.

User guide

  • Hot beverage: 75ml of boiling water should be added to 1 sachet of coffee before stirring well.
  • Cold beverage: Combine two coffee packets with 75ml of hot water, swirl well, and top with ice.

Instant coffee Nescafe

One of the well-known instant Vietnam coffee brand is Nescafe. The product is part of Nestle, the world’s most extensive food and beverage company.

The vast global network of Nestle is not without controversy. With a variety of high-quality product lines, this brand, which entered the Vietnam coffee brand market in 1912, immediately became one of many families’ close friends.

Nestle’s Nescafe line is one of the most well-known instant coffee brands. Nescafe has successfully developed a distinctive and alluring coffee flavour by carefully blending roasted and ground beans.

Made with premium Vietnamese coffee beans, sugar, and milk are combined in a beautiful, tempting way to create this beverage.

Vietnam Coffee Brand: The Top 9 Brands Of Instant Coffee - Helena Coffee Vietnam

User guide

  • Hot use: Stir well after adding one sachet of coffee to 70 ml of hot water.
  • Cold use: When using cold coffee, combine two packets with 50 ml of hot water, stir well, and serve with ice.
  • Storage: Keep items out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry area.

Instant coffee Vincafé

Vietnamese citizens must be accustomed to seeing the words Vinacafé displayed prominently on the yellow instant coffee packages. The Vinacafé Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company‘s flagship product is this range of instant coffee.

Vinacafé has been providing thousands of tons of high-quality coffee each year since the late 1970s and has vast production experience.

Vinacafe Gold Original and 3in1 Original Buon Ma Thuot are two of the four primary product lines under the Vinacafe instant coffee brand.

Over the past 20 years, one brand, in particular, has left its stamp on the hearts of millions of Vietnamese: Vinacafe Gold Original.

A round, delectable, and substantial beverage are created by the perfect balancing act of the bitter, sweet, sour, and acerbic flavours combined with the fatty taste of milk.

  • Helpful instructions: Fill the cup with boiling water and add the coffee packet. Stir well, then serve hot or iced.
  • Storage: Keep away from chemicals and goods with intense aromas, and store in an excellent, dry location.

Instant coffee from Highlands Coffee

People think of famous high-class instant coffee goods on the coffee brand market when they hear the name Highlands Coffee, in addition to abundant coffee shops with conspicuous red logos.

The Culi coffee line is typically made from coffee beans. Farmers frequently separate these single-core round coffee beans for their production and processing since they are thought to be more flavorful than other coffee kinds.

It is not an exaggeration to state that the Culi coffee brand embodies everything mother nature has to offer the red basalt country. Robusta and Arabica are two widely consumed varieties of coffee Culi.

Robusta has a rich flavour because of its higher caffeine level, whereas Arabica has an excellent, acidic taste and a passionate, seductive scent.

Vietnam Coffee Brand: The Top 9 Brands Of Instant Coffee - Helena Coffee Vietnam

There are two popular types of Culi coffee:

  • Culi Robusta coffee: Compared to standard Robusta coffee, culi Robusta coffee has a more robust flavour (fattier, bitter, and caffeinated).
  • Culi Arabica coffee: In addition to having a significantly higher caffeine level than standard Arabica coffee, culi Arabica coffee has an elegantly sour flavour and a more passionate scent.

King Coffee

The co-founder of Trung Nguyen Coffee, Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao, founded King Coffee, one of the instant Vietnam coffee brand.

In the coffee sector, King Coffee has had several exceptional successes. King Coffee is well-liked in the domestic market and among friends at many significant international events.

Vietnam Coffee Brand: The Top 9 Brands Of Instant Coffee - Helena Coffee Vietnam

King Coffee‘s premium instant coffee line is both practical and mouthwateringly pleasing. Not only praised by specialists but also showered with unending affection from diners.

King Coffee has introduced several well-known goods under the guiding principle of meeting customers’ demands everywhere. Each packet of premium instant coffee contains crystalline King Coffee, from the authentic Vietnamese black coffee to the Americano.

  • Products from Instant King Coffee range widely:
  • Pure Black, the classic flavour of black coffee
  • Coffee with Creamer without Sugar, Creamy Milk
  • Milk Coffee Milk Coffee and King Coffee 3 in 1
  • Espresso is made like a machine and comes in 4 modern tastes.

King Coffee may be considered the elder in the coffee brand village with the broadest appeal on the market today.

Instant Starbucks coffee

Starbucks, an American coffee company, has rapidly expanded throughout the world. Any high-end business unit, domestically and internationally, would love to have as many Starbucks coffee shops as possible.

The newly introduced product lines all offer exceptional quality and flavour due to a meticulous production procedure. The premium instant coffee from Starbucks is no different.

About 20% of the original volume is often lost during Starbucks’ manual roasting procedure. Starbucks instant coffee has a darker colour as a result, as well as a more distinctive flavour, diffused aroma, and high levels of addiction.

Instant coffee by MacCoffee

In 1993, MacCoffee was brought into Vietnam, immediately establishing itself as a well-known instant Vietnam coffee brand. The public rapidly fell in love with this product line and trusted it with the name Cafe Pho.

After extensive study, MacCoffee has enhanced the flavour to better suit Vietnamese consumers’ needs and preferences. The business has introduced three notable product lines: Café Pho Sua, Café Me Sua Nong, and Café Ket.

Benefits of the product include:

  • A product called MacCoffee 3 in 1 was brought into Vietnam and was at the time the industry’s first instant coffee.
  • Another well-known and well-liked coffee product line is MacCoffee. Users of this Singaporean product are also known as Café Pho in addition to the term MacCoffee.

Wake-up Café Saigon

Wake-up is a well-known iced milk coffee brand with a mildly bitter taste and an excellent milky flavour. It is one of the instant Vietnam coffee brand that you should not miss.

The beverage, which goes by the name Café Saigon, has the flavour of street coffee in everyday life, rejuvenating the people of Saigon.

Because there is less instant coffee in this instant coffee, it is less harsh, somewhat sweet, and easier to consume. You’ll have more positive energy for a longer and more active day if you make yourself a cup of fantastic, fatty, iced milk coffee.

User guide

  • Enjoy a hot beverage by dissolving each product packet is around 70 ml of hot water and stirring thoroughly.
  • Cold beverage dissolve: Add two packages of the product to 50 ml of hot water, stir well, and then serve with some ice.
  • Storage: Keep away from chemicals and goods with intense aromas, and store in an excellent, dry location.


Instant Vietnam Coffee Brand: Helena Coffee

Helena JSC is a leading supplier, processor, and exporter of Robusta, Arabica, instant coffee in Vietnam.

In addition, we are regarded as one of the pioneers of success in exports of pepper and coffee to nations across the country, such as South-East Asia, China, and the world.

Our clients are companies who have an unending enthusiasm for pure green coffee beans, business ethics, and a solid name in the industry.

Please contact us if your company needs to import green coffee beans or if you want to start a network of trendy coffee shops.

Along with offering you coffee of the highest calibre at the best price, we also give you sage advice on selecting and storing the best coffee.

We provide you with the ideal choice for high-quality input rather than just selling.

The coffee mentioned above has helped introduce various colourful hues to the Vietnamese coffee market. Each brand has a distinctive style that ranges from traditional to modern.



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