Vienna Roast

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Vienna Roast is the name applied to a segment, the same level of dark roasting as the coffee beans. With the Vienna Roast, the beans will undergo a second crack and are removed at a temperature of about 230°C (446°F). If it grows in roasters, the seeds will quickly reach the French Roast (at about 240°C) and the Italian Roast (at about 245°C).

To make it easy to visualize, we will classify roasted coffee relatively according to the following three levels of roasting:

  1. Cinnamon roast – Light Roast (collectively known as Light Roast)
  2. Medium Roast / American Roast, City Roast
  3. Dark Roast / Full City roast, Vienna Roast, French Roast, Italian Roast
  • There are many more miniature stages in the Dark Roast range, divided by the “boldness” we will have: Vienna Roast French Roast, and Italian Roast.

For Vienna Roast, the coffee beans turn dark brown, with light oil on the surface. Most carbohydrates participate in the reaction, so the coffee clearly expresses a bitter caramel taste. The seeds’ distinct origin (taste) characteristics have become overshadowed from this level onwards.


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