Vacuum Cham

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Vacuum Cham: The name of a system (or Vacuum Cham) is used in the production of instant coffee, removing water from coffee during sublimation drying.

Coffee terms about Processing | The process you should know is as follows:

In the food industry, vacuum chambers transfer water from solid to vaporized bodies (called sublimation drying). A vacuum chamber is usually steel and equipped with a vacuum pump to create a low-pressure (vacuum pressure) environment. See more vacuum chamber principles on Wikipedia.

Vacuum Cham Sublimation drying in instant coffee production

In the modern instant coffee production process, coffee after roasting will be dissolved in water at 150o to 180o C until the extract reaches 15 to 30% by mass. Then, the water will be removed entirely through spraying or vacuum chamber drying to create the final product.

Vacuum Cham
Vacuum Cham

Compared to the spray drying technique for condensing coffee, vacuum drying techniques are more dominant in maintaining the final taste quality of coffee. See more instant coffee production techniques to understand better.

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