Top 5 Coffee Apps: To Enhance Your Brewing Skills

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Top 5 Coffee Apps

Top 5 Coffee Apps: Whether you’re an experienced barista or a coffee beginner, everything you need to make a perfect cup of coffee is found in real life. So, why would you need a coffee app? These apps offer more than you might expect: from discovering new recipes and tracking your beans to using an efficient timer. They enhance your coffee-making experience in various ways.

Here are the top coffee apps available for both iPhone and Android.

Note: This list excludes branded apps designed to connect with smart coffee makers.

1. Filtru – Top Choice Overall

Filtru is a versatile coffee app that functions as a recipe guide, brew guide, journal, and timer. It provides a comprehensive overview of coffee brewing without being overly detailed or overwhelming. However, it’s not ideal for complete beginners since it requires a scale to follow the recipes. It’s a great tool for those with some experience looking to try new methods.

From the home screen, you can select your preferred brewing method and access the Filtru recipe, which includes a list of necessary equipment and step-by-step instructions. Once you start, the app guides you through the recipe in real-time, visually indicating how much water to pour and the timing for blooming and extraction.

You can also create and save your own recipes, using the app to keep records. After brewing, Filtru calculates the estimated strength and extraction based on your inputs.

One of the standout features of this app is its ability to connect to Bluetooth scales, with support for around 10 different models. This feature provides real-time feedback on your pouring technique, ensuring you achieve the correct flow rate for your recipe.

The “discover” page offers options to buy coffee beans, explore community recipes, and read brew guides from renowned coffee experts.

Filtru is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Brew Timer – Ideal for Exploration

Brew Timer offers a similar experience to Filtru but with greater flexibility. You can choose from 14 different brewing methods, plus the option to create custom methods, which is more than any other app on our list.

You can start with a professional recipe or one shared by the community. The app provides a recipe outline, allowing you to adjust quantities with a slider and view the necessary temperature. It guides you through the recipe using a timer and audio cues for each step. Additionally, it offers brewing tips, such as suggesting grind adjustments if your brew time doesn’t match the recipe.

Creating your own playable recipe is straightforward with this app. If you find a recipe that’s nearly perfect, you can clone it and tweak only the necessary parts. Alternatively, you can create a recipe from scratch, with options for steps like “invert” or “put the lid on.”

You can also share your creations with the Brew Timer community. This feature is perfect for anyone who believes they have the best Hario V60 recipe and wants to showcase it to friends.

Brew Timer is available for Android only.

3. Bean Conqueror – Top Coffee Journal App

This app is a must-have for true coffee enthusiasts. We always emphasize the importance of keeping detailed notes on your brews, and this app takes that to the next level, far surpassing the few specs you might jot down in a notebook.

Unlike the previously mentioned apps, this one doesn’t provide recipes. Instead, it focuses on recording every detail of what you’ve brewed, including the ingredients and methods used. To start documenting a brew, you need to set up at least one bean, one grinder, and one brew method. This setup process is simple; you can initially add just a name and fill in the details later. You’ll be amazed at how much information you can include.

The app supports various brewing methods, including both standard and inverted AeroPress, and allows you to add notes on filters or other equipment. If your favorite coffee maker isn’t listed, you can create a custom method. The bean page is particularly detailed, allowing you to record everything from roast level and date to elevation, farmer, and even the month the beans were harvested.

After completing and saving your brew details, you can add cupping scores. There are 10 qualities to evaluate, such as brightness and uniformity, along with a “cupper’s correction” score. The results are presented in a radar graph, making it easy to compare with other beans.

Available for both iOS and Android.

4. Brew Ratio – Top Single-Function App

This app focuses on one task and excels at it. As the name indicates, Brew Ratio is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect brew ratio. It’s primarily designed for drip coffee makers, offering ratio options from 1:15 up to the ideal Golden Ratio of 1:18. After selecting your desired strength, the app calculates the exact amount of coffee and water needed.

This feature is more versatile than it initially seems. You can input any amount of water, and it will tell you the precise amount of coffee required, or vice versa. This ensures you get the correct measurements whether you’re brewing a single cup or a larger batch. The best part is the flexibility in measurement units. While weighing your coffee and water is the most accurate method, it’s not always feasible. Brew Ratio allows you to choose between grams, ounces, and tablespoons for coffee, and grams, fluid ounces, or cups for water. The units don’t need to match, so you can measure coffee in tablespoons and water in grams if needed, ensuring your brew is always perfect.

Available exclusively for Android.

5. Coffee Dice – Most Fun to Use

If your AeroPress routine has become monotonous, this app can add some excitement to your morning coffee ritual. Inspired by James Hoffman’s short-lived dice concept, Coffee Dice will transform how you brew your coffee. Each variable in the brewing process is represented by a die, with each side offering different options. For instance, one die includes various brewing temperatures, another specifies coffee-to-water ratios, and yet another details grind sizes and extraction times. This playful approach ensures that every cup is a new adventure.

The concept is that when you roll the dice (virtually in this case), you get a completely randomized recipe. If you discover a winning combination, you can save it to recreate later. While it’s designed for fun, it also serves as an excellent tool to learn how different variables impact your coffee.

Coffee Dice is available for iOS only, but there is a similar app for Android users called Aeroprecipe.

Top 5 Coffee Apps: Conclusion

Crafting an exceptional cup of coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. However, if you’re fascinated by the science behind brewing, you might appreciate some assistance with tracking measurements or exploring new techniques. These coffee apps are excellent resources for anyone looking to delve deeper into their coffee-making process or simply enjoy an occasional experiment.