The Pour Over Method And The Techniques You Need To Know

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The Pour Over Method And The Techniques You Need To Know
Pour Over method is a manual coffee preparation method with the general principle that hot water passes through the coffee powder and drips downwards by gravity through a filter (filters), the coffee grounds are retained on the filter. 
To master the Pour over technique, we need to master three primary factors: Choose a suitable mixing kit; The coffee reaches the required fineness, and finally master the pouring operation.

What is Pour Over?

Pour Over the coffee preparation method manually (manual brew) with technical tools and simply include a filter (filters) and manipulate water pouring onto the coffee (stream). The general principle of Pour Over is to let hot water pass through the coffee and bring the extract down by gravity; the coffee grounds are retained on the filter.

Filters are made from many materials with different names, depending on the filter; the preparation method also has a slight variation (such as the size of ground coffee the ratio of coffee water ..) Some popular filters often come with filter paper such as Chemex, Melitta, Hario V60, Bee House, .. or simply a cloth bag, or a funnel made of wire mesh (Kone)…

The following is a clip of the Pour Over technique with some typical mixing tools for this technique:

Start with the Pour-Over method

Just now, I have presented the most basic concept of Pour Over; for those who are not professionals or do not have special interests in the study of coffee, you already have the necessary images. Next, I will be more specific about the elements in the Pour Over technique and other exciting things behind this method of mixing.

Talking about coffee, some people consider this a simple drink, but it is an endless passion for many others. Someone passionate about speed will love to customize everything on their pet car from rpm, disc brakes, engine oil, clutch, turbocharger… and for coffee lovers when they have a great coffee on hand.

You will expect endlessly in controlling all factors to produce a perfect cup of coffee, from roasting, fineness of beans, water temperature, and extraction time.

Pour Over was born to meet this. Completely simple, with no fuss, but all the elements in the preparation you can control and customize to your style.

Just pour the water bottle into the coffee dripper; pouring Over is not complicated?

First of all, Pour-Over-Coffee is such a simple and primitive technique that there is almost no technique here. If you think so, it will be difficult for you to get good coffee by Pour over .!

Pour Over requires nothing more than pouring water over coffee powder. It’s like painting; it’s the same brush and color, but surely someone will do the work, and others are just “manipulation.”

The critical point in Pour Over is “time” but, more precisely, the bartender’s patience. No artist creates a work in a single second, while coffee takes a journey of months and years of effort by those involved in the production process before it reaches the brewing hopper.

With ingenuity in manipulation, Barista will maximize the quality of coffee beans to preserve or let water pass through them. And to be effective in this simple technique, the following key numbers:

Technical Elements for pouring technique methods

In short, we will need to achieve the following three factors for a perfect cup of Pour-Over filter coffee (depending on the level of proficiency of each person) :

The first is to choose a suitable filter for yourself because we have countless filters for this method; the Next is to adjust the fineness of the coffee to match the filter; Finally, there is the “standard” pouring operation – this can only be mastered through practice.

It may not sound like much, but to fulfill all the above requirements, you are almost already a professional bartender.

Selection of preparation tools

Each dispenser usually represents a particular method, like Espresso, Moka Pot, or Ibrik Kettle, but for Pour Over, you have many different options. Each tool has its design, specific materials, and other uses.

Depending on the type of filter paper that is bleached or bleached, the flavor of the coffee will also be affected more or less if not appropriately handled. And most importantly, the technique used in each method is entirely different.

Usually, beginners can use your Clever Dripper to adjust the pouring time easily; it’s more challenging to have Bee House, Kalita Wave, or Chemex. Let’s use Hario V60 when mastering the Pour techniques ( pour water) and master the elements of time and temperature.

  • See more Which Pour-Over Tool is the best? To better understand the filters and usage characteristics.

Grind coffee for Pour Over

As with other coffee preparation methods blue bottle pour, the fineness of the coffee is very important; this is even more emphasized when you use Specialty Coffee; after a lot of effort from the farm to the processing stage, the extraction process Production determines the quality of a premium coffee.

If the ground coffee is too coarse, the water will flow through very quickly without carrying the coffee extract. On the contrary, if the coffee is ground too fine, the coffee will be too bitter, the flavor will be unbalanced, or worse, it will be blocked. You can refer to the standard size of ground coffee in the Pour Over method.

For Pour-Over in general really, medium ground coffee is best. Seeds may be smaller than those used for French press or Cupping but larger for Espresso or Siphon. In addition highlight, with each different Pour-Over tool, the ground level is also different, so the above story is only approximate.

For example, for V60, you will use thinner filter paper, so the particle size needs to be more acceptable. Filter paper for Chemex can accept larger particles; to get the best effect in Pour Over, you need to understand the preparation equipment you will be using.

Pour Over technique (Pouring) blue bottle

When it comes to some problems with the Pour Over technique gift, Scott Rao mentioned an example: Out of 2,000 cups of coffee poured over at coffee shops, only about 20 cups are extracted so well enough. This percentage is only 1%.

This shows that Pour Over is ineffective for coffee shops because the consistency in extraction is very low, and the most significant obstacle lies in how you handle the pouring (Hand pours). But there are a few techniques suggested by Scott Rao that you can apply during practice:

  • Pouring instructions temperature is stable at about 93 o C
  • Coffee must be soaked before extraction ( prewetting stage ).
  • Increase stirring during pouring for better water-coffee contact
  • Minimizes channeling when pouring
  • Finish at the right time to ensure a balance of flavors
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Make pour-over coffees bottle coffee dripper itself emphasizes the importance of pouring / water pouring technique(Pouring). This technique is not too complicated, but those who are easy to solve will not have the patience for a glass—perfect pour across coffee. Furthermore, Pour Over different considerations with each mixing kit; there is no universal formula for perfection quick in pour overs, as its quality is similar price. Opposite to view.

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