The Importance Of The Server (Vase) When Making Coffee

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The Importance Of The Server (Vase) When Making Coffee: You walk into a cafe and see strange objects. Barista are using those items to make coffee. They use it flexibly as if they were playing with a toy.

You curiously asked about Baristatools and you learned about the V60  and the Pour Over method. However, 90% of people who ask about Pour Over forget to ask about one thing. Something that seems useless but is extremely important: SERVER COMMENTS.

The pitcher helps create convection as you make coffee

The Importance Of The Server (Vase)

In a non-scientific way, it is: When you pour hot water into the coffee while brewing. Hot water will flow down the tank and give off hot steam. This heat will escape through the nose of the Server tank. Water will make it easier to extract the coffee.
If you are simply making coffee by placing the funnel on a cup. The heat will not be able to escape. The heat and CO2 will “stick”  to the coffee in the pot and cause a burning smell. In addition, due to convection, it will be difficult for the water to go down and be stagnant, leading to slower flow. Since then, coffee has had a bitter, harsh taste due to over-extraction.

The pot allows you to observe the coffee while brewing

If you have ever used the server. The biggest benefit of using a server is that you can see the coffee when it’s made.
You can determine how the coffee is extracted based on the color of the coffee. More water can be added and it is better to stop immediately. And the transparent Server jar helps you with that.

There is a little trick if you forget the scale at home, the Server bottle has measurement lines on the side of the bottle. You can rely on it to estimate the amount of coffee that has been brewed.

In terms of taste, yes, but in terms of appearance?

The Importance Of The Server (Vase) When Making Coffee

You will be more professional when using the server


Try to imagine. When you’re mixing, all your family, friends, co-workers, and the person you want to attract attention to are all around you. Certain, only a server jar is much more INCREDIBLE than a mug. The shorthand for this whole reason is “the color”. And rest assured, it’s not just you who do the coloring. Many Baristas have done color with that server vase. The Server and Pour Over are symbols of the new wave of coffee.

That’s it, this 4-pronged glass vase has so many uses. Not only beautiful but also know how to make good coffee. Get yourself one as soon as you can.


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