The Color Of A Clean Cup Of Coffee

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The Color Of A Clean Cup Of Coffee: A pure and healthy cup of coffee is always brown from cockroach wings to dark brown, when you put ice in it, it will be amber brown, a very attractive clear brown color. In the sunlight, look at the sparkling light brown iced coffee.

I don’t understand why many people like to have a cup of water that must be dark black, the opaque black color of peas and popcorn seeds instead of the pure, pure amber-brown color of pure coffee. Sensory speaking, black food should be considered more than easily approved.
If we are used to pure coffee, looking at the brown glass of water naturally, we have a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene, instead of feeling embarrassed when looking at a glass of black water.

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Pure coffee when making milk coffee will not give a dark brown color, but only a light brown color. Many people love the deep brown color of the beans, and the burnt popcorn creates for the milky coffee. Do not know what to do like that?

“Coffee juice is not like candy, flexible.”

The consistency is close to normal drinking water because coffee contains less starch.

When brewing, the water of pure coffee has almost negligible consistency. Contrary to the water of popcorn or roasted bean paste, which contains a lot of starch, it is very similar, very dense, and even sticky. Housewives still often use cornstarch in the kitchen because of this property.

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Some consumers are also proud that they are knowledgeable about coffee, thinking that, for a good cup of coffee, the water in the coffee cup must be candied, clinging to the sides of the cup, and must “hug ice” and the ice cubes in the cup. Coffee must be brown because the coffee water is parallel, sticky and sticky on the ice.

Those things are proof that in that cup of coffee there is only very little coffee, but only roasted soybeans. Roasted soybeans contain a lot of starch, which is very “rocky”. Real coffee is not flexible and does not “hug ice”.

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