Regulations on Coffee exported to the US (USA)

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Regulations on Coffee exported to the US (USA)

Regulations on Coffee exported to the US (USA) –  As a reputable exporter, Helena Coffee Vietnam specializes in providing coffee to the US (US-United States). We receive advice and support quotes for the import and export of Coffee.

With many years of experience in the field of forwarding, we share some regulations for Coffee exported to the US.

In this article, Helena Coffee Vietnam will help you learn about:

  • (1) regulations on transporting Coffee from Vietnam to the US
  • (2) procedures for applying for a Certificate of Origin (CO form B)
  • ( 3) import tax into the United States
  • (4) contract to export coffee.

Hopefully, with the sharing of HELENA, customers will have a more specific view of the US laws related to importing and exporting or building a business relationship with a US partner.

Regulations on international transportation of Coffee exported to the US by sea

About the general process when sending Coffee to the US by sea, customers can refer here. US Customs Data Transfer Regulations (AMS Filing and ISF).

According to the regulations of the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC-Federal Maritime Commission) and the US Customs on customs declaration procedures (US customs 24-hour advance manifest rules), Coffee imported into the US must be declared Report AMS-Automated Manifest System and ISF-Importer Security Filing.

AMS is a system of electronic transmission to United States Customs (CBP) before the arrival of coffee in the United States by a carrier (shipping line or shipping agent).

The main purpose of the AMS declaration is to check the coffee in advance to avoid terrorism and tighten security measures. AMS is required to be declared 2 days before the departure date (ETD) of the mother ship to the US.

From January 26, 2009, Coffee imported into the US is required to declare security-ISF according to the form. This requirement applies only to Coffee arriving in the United States (United States-USA) by ocean liner, not to coffee arriving by other modes of transport.

This declaration can be made directly by the Coffee owner, or through a broker or transport agent.

In case you use the service of Helena Coffee Vietnam, please provide the required information and the letter of guarantee according to the form. Details will be specifically advised by our experts.

Declare AMS for US exports

Information required when transmitting US customs data. The information will be requested according to the sample format. The required information includes:

– Name and address of actual ship the per

– Actual consignee name and address

– In case To order Bill is used, the first notifying party must be the actual consignee with name, address, telephone number, and fax number in the US

For information, process, and sea freight, please contact the receiving department for detailed advice.

Instructions for applying for CO form B to exported coffee to the US

What documents does the application for CO include?

  • Application for issuance of C/O: 1 copy
  • Ecosys/Comis: 1 copy
  • Export declaration: 1 copy (Signed and stamped with round wood)
  • Barcode: 1 copy (Signed and stamped with round wood)
  • Invoice: 1 copy (Signed and sealed with round carpentry)
  • Packing List: 1 copy (Signed and stamped with round carpentry)
  • Bill Of Lading: 1 copy (Signed and stamped with round carpentry)
  • List of materials and accessories: 1 copy (Signed) and affixed around carpentry stamp))
  • Consumption norm of raw materials: 1 copy (Signed and stamped round carpentry)
  • Production process: 1 copy (Signed and stamped with round carpentry)
  • Import declaration and invoice Input: 1 copy (Signature and stamped round)

Where and how long does it take to apply for a CO?

For Certificate of Origin-CO form B issued by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( VCCI )The time to get CO form B is 1-2 working days.

In case a business applies for a CO for the first time, it is necessary to register a trader profile on VCCI’s system. Required documents:

  • Business license: 1 true copy of the original
  • Signature and seal specimen: 1 original
  • Trader profile sheet: 1 original

Learn about import coffee tax into the US (USA)

The US tax system is quite complex. Therefore, if a Vietnamese business has a need or plans to open a branch, the trade representative here needs to learn about tariffs here in advance.

Particularly for simple exporters, just pay attention to the tax rate at the border gate. Businesses can look up the US import tax schedule online

Businesses can actively learn about tax regulations in advance at the following websites:

– Internal Revenue Service:

– Interstate Tax Commission:

America is one of the countries with the most complicated tax system America is one of the countries with the most complicated tax system

Notes on coffee commercial contracts

Understandably, international commercial contracts will be more complicated and risky than domestic commercial contracts.

Therefore, the import-export company needs to draft the contract as clearly and accurately as possible. Incoterms are a set of commercial practices commonly used when concluding contracts. Businesses can learn about Incoterms conditions in advance.

Some mandatory terms for import and export contracts to the US:

– The parties to the contract

– Conditions of validity of the contract

– Coffee to be provided by the enterprise

– Purchase price and payment conditions

– Conditions/regulations on warranty and preservation of Coffee

– Which party is responsible for the import and export license

– Contract confidentiality clause

– Mediation or dispute resolution provisions

Helena Coffee Vietnam-a supplier specializing in coffee exporting to the US

As a level 1 cargo agent of many major shipping lines, Helena Coffee Vietnam provides sea freight services from Hai Phong / Ho Chi Minh / Da Nang to US ports (USA):

– America’s East Coast Port: Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach, Port of Jacksonville, Port of Savannah, Port of Charleston, Port of Wilmington (North Carolina), Norfolk International Terminals, Port of Baltimore, Port of Wilmington (Delaware), Port of Philadelphia, Port Newark–Elizabeth Marine Terminal, Port of New York and New Jersey, Port Jersey, Port of Boston

– America’s West Coast Port: Port of SeaHelenae, Port of Tacoma, Port of Portland, Port of Oakland, Port of San Francisco, Port of Los Angeles, Long Beach



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