Pulp – The Flesh

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Pulp - The Flesh

Pulp – The Flesh is understood simply as the discarded mucous crust of a coffee fruit during processing, more specifically in the composition of the coffee fruit, which is the large share (15% to 22% of the weight of the ripe fruit) in the crust of a coffee fruit – but it must be removed during the fermentation stage of the wet processing, Or honey processing.

Coffee terms you should know are as follows:

Although the same shell + mucus surrounds the coffee nucleus.

Pulp and Mucilage have some technical differences:

  • Pulp = exocarp, and mesocarp -> This is the part removed during processing, and the coffee grinder is called Pulper.
  • Mucilage = Flesh/mucus, or exactly mesocarp. Therefore, in processing, there is always a part of Mucilage sticking to the coffee.
Pulp - The Flesh
Pulp – The Flesh

For traditional honey-processing coffee, it is unnecessary to thoroughly remove mucus (such as wet processing) but still retain a certain amount of mucus to maximize the taste during fermentation. Since this “should have been removed” part is included after grinding the shell, when it comes to the honey process, the “mucus” is called Pulp.


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