Notes When Storing Coffee

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Notes When Storing Coffee
Notes When Storing Coffee – Coffee is a familiar drink, helping to wake up mentally and provide energy for a long day. In addition to the preparation method, the preservation stage is also an important factor to make a delicious cup of coffee.

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Before talking about coffee storage tips, we need to understand: Coffee does not like high heat, humidity, air, and even light. This means that if you want a good cup of coffee, you need to keep your beans or coffee powder away from the above four factors.

For whole coffee

After roasting, green coffee beans release carbon dioxide. If it is stored in a typically sealed bag, the air escaping from the beans will cause swelling or even rupture of the pack. Therefore, the coffee bag, after roasting, needs to have a one-way exhaust valve to ensure that CO2 can escape without allowing outside air to go back into the bag.

Coffee beans, after roasting, will keep for about two months, after which their quality will gradually decrease over time.

For powder coffee

Ground coffee is much more challenging to store because, from the moment you open the bag, the coffee powder will be exposed to a lot of air, leading to a very rapid deterioration in quality.

If you are not a big fan of coffee and drink coffee every day, it is best to buy coffee products in small quantities (from 250 grams or less). A pretty good option is to invest in a manual coffee grinder at home.

You can grind your coffee when you need it, which can preserve the beans for longer and have a great taste in every cup of your coffee.

Ground coffee is only good quality for four weeks.

Find the right tool to store coffee

Coffee is something like a living organism. It changes every day. The coffee begins to lose its aroma and other quality standards from the moment you open the packaging.

First, the simplest solution is to keep the coffee in its packaging, seal the bag after use, and then place it in a dark cabinet. However, you need to buy products with packaging that meets the conditions, such as having a one-way exhaust valve and a zipper bag mouth to close.

But the best way to store your coffee is to look for airtight containers to protect your coffee from odors in the storage environment as well as air humidity. It would help if you looked for opaque boxes that will be the best option to help keep your coffee from becoming visible due to light.

Should store coffee be in the fridge or freezer?

That’s not a good choice. Conversely, you should not keep your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. Low temperatures will affect the essential oils in coffee. In addition, every time you take the coffee out of the fridge, there will be condensation of water vapor, which will make the coffee moist and moist, which is one of the significant causes of coffee loss.

Another thing to remember is that if you must keep your coffee bean canister in the fridge, make sure the coffee container can prevent other odors in the refrigerator from getting into your coffee. You don’t want to drink a coffee that smells like meat or fish. And wait until your coffee has returned to average room temperature before making it.

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