Memoirs “I Evolve” By Coffee Bean Author

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Memoirs “I Evolve” By Coffee Bean Author…My coffee beans have evolved 3 times already!!! And I have been changed a lot to be worshiped as today. Now I can’t even remember when the Ethiopian goats found it.

An excerpt from the Memoirs “I Evolve” by Coffee Bean

The first time I evolved, I almost switched to another life form. Live in the form of a soluble powder. At that time, I was so happy that I forgot about heaven and earth. Because I know, all barriers between me and coffee lovers will be gone. No more worries, no more need to go to the shop… They just need hot water and I in dissolved form is enough.

I was shown in every kitchen and every house. Everyone knew me and I became as popular as tea. Thanks to companies like Maxwell House, Folger, and Nestle… they have made me more popular than ever. But everything has its price. I have to accept sacrificing my quality and taste to focus mainly on caffeine. And really, it makes me pretty sad.??
Fortunately, a few people have seen it.

And they helped me with the Second Evolution

Here they are, none other than the owners of Starbucks. From a first-class roaster to owner Howard Schultz taking me around the world. At first, I thought Mr. Howard was selling seafood because the logo was a blue mermaid. But not so, he made me famous all over the world with dishes such as Cappuccino, Latte, Americano…

I am extremely happy!!!

Always bathed in milk, then painted, beautified all kinds. People see me as a pleasant experience, not just a cup of caffeine. Now people talk about me more, talk about the flavors that I have. People began to understand me better and realize the difference between me and other brothers in the world.

And so I was quickly pushed to the 3rd evolution (shop, Seattle, us)

I have never been so proud as this time!!?

Everyone in the coffee industry tries to take the best care of me. I’m like the highest grade Kobe beef in the cow world! The farmer who picked me had to choose the ripe red berry to be picked. I was cared for, spa very carefully from water temperature, pH, and contact environment before going to the roastery. Then the knowledgeable roaster will unleash the hidden flavors in me. Finally, a Barista, with different skills and tools, brings out the beautiful flavors inherent in me. While making the bart, he told stories about what my life was like, and how people took care of me.

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I especially like the Pour-method with the V60 funnel. The V60 funnel and gooseneck kettle are symbols of my 3rd evolution (symbol of the 3rd wave of the coffee world). This recipe makes my best flavors shine, you should give it a try!

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Memoirs “I Evolve” By Coffee Bean Author

And finally, I would like to thank the efforts of everyone in the coffee industry for helping me to exude flavor. Which is floral, fruity, sweet, and sour with different vibrant colors. I’ve been fully evolved with 2 very successful puberty since it was only used as instant coffee powder.

That’s it, I don’t know when I will evolve again. It could be a long time and I don’t know. But you, what wave of coffee are you enjoying? Are you taking in the caffeine or enjoying the wonderful flavors mother nature has given me?

If you want to enjoy it, you can contact Helena.
They have a whole “supermarket” for me here: Specialty Coffee
A complete and most valuable set of Pour Over tools is here: Pour Over coffee preparation kit.

Please enjoy and give me suggestions. Any of your suggestions will help me a lot for the 4th evolution.

Thank you very much.

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