Making Coffee At Home With A Moka Pot – Part 2: Americano, Latte, Frappe And Affogato

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Making Coffee At Home With A Moka Pot – Part 2: Americano, Latte, Frappe, And Affogato Latte, Americano, Afforgator… are common coffee dishes outside the shop. If you want to make it at home, you will normally have to spend a few million to a few tens of millions to buy yourself an Espresso machine and accompanying tools. 

However, in this article, I would like to share how to make those dishes with a more economical version: Moka Pot.

Certainly, in many ways, these dishes will not be able to match the dishes made by genuine machines. However, the 4 dishes I choose in this article will meet several criteria:

  • Make it simple and easy to practice.
  • Beautiful results, delicious to drink, and similar to outside the shop.
  • The ingredients are easy to find, and easy today. Take a few steps to get there.

If you have never brewed or do not know anything about the Moka Pot coffee maker. You can stop here for a moment and read this article right away:

Americano cool (like espresso)

WORKING TIME : 3 Minutes – 4 Minutes

COST: About 8k a cup.

EASY: Super Easy. You just need to learn how to make a basic Moka Pot

FOR: 1 drinker

I like to drink this in the morning. It’s still black coffee without sugar, but it’s comfortable and mild to drink. And especially, even though the black coffee you brew is a bit bitter, adding water is still gentle. Thinking about it again feels chill, waking up early in the morning, reading the newspaper, making morning plans. Next to it is a cup of cool iced coffee. Take a big sip, just enough water, and wake.

Specific mixing (like Moka pot, brew)

In this dish, in addition to coffee, I just need to add filtered water. If you work hard, you can go find some mineral water like Lavie, or Satori. Compared to cold boiled water from the tap at home, I find some types of mineral water will be able to make coffee taste slightly sour, SW,eet, and full when drinking. Als,o there is a better way. If your home has an RO water purifier, you can add a part of mineral water to it. Then you can get a harmonious latte, sour enough, sweet enough, and pleasant to drink.

STEP 1: Prepare a cup of ice water. (Both ice and water range from 120ml to 130ml).

Use a spoon to stir 5-10 rounds to cool the cup a bit.

STEP 2: Make coffee with a Moka Pot and then pour about 60ml of coffee into the cup.

If it is too dilute, we can fine-tune the amount of water in the next phase. and

STEP 3:  Pick up the cup and chill.

Note: The numbers are for reference only, if you can’t pour accurately, it’s okay to approximate.

Tonic coffee version 

This is another version of My Tho and My Dinh coffee above. Only replace mineral water with Tonic water (carbonated mineral water). But because it is carbonated, so when you drink it, you will feel more refreshed and more awake. You can find this water with brands Lavie, Aquafina, and  Schweppes at all Vinmart, and Circle K.

Tonic coffee is also very simple to make. The ratio of water and coffee is as above following the following 3 steps.


Add ice and pour water

More coffee

Things to read before seeing how to make coffee dishes are below.

To make 3 coffee dishes below. You’ll need to know how to make a strong brew from a Moka Pot. If it’s not clear, you can review the first part of this series of articles first.

Session 1: Mix Black, Brown, Bac Xiu and make Egg Coffee with Moka Pot.

And if you already know how to make it, then continue.


Milk flavor latte (coffee, coffee)

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WORKING IM: 5 minutes – 7 minutes

COST: About 12k a cup.

EASY: Easy to fit. The Basic version is simple, and the Upgrade version takes more time to create milk foam.

FOR: 1-2 people to drink.

This coffee latte is for sweet days. It’s sweet but not greasy.

So boom… Fresh milk coffee from cows was born.

As for choosing the type of coffee to make, this dish can be used with any type. But my favorite, I still like to use medium roasted Arabica to mix. Drinking coffee with milk flavor is like drinking Chocolate milk or fruit milk without sugar. Soft, sweet, naturally lingering in the throat.

Specific mixing (coffee, coffee)

Preparation:  In addition to coffee, you will need this dish

  • Fresh milk. Usually, Promises I use TH True Milk, Moc Chau, or Da Lat. However, if I want a richer coffee, I usually look for some full cream milk (Full Cream) like Australia’s  Own Milk, P promises, or Meadow Fresh. These 3 types of milk are quite popular in Vinmart and other supermarkets.
STEP 1: Prepare the coffee maker.
  • Pre-ground coffee
  • Prepare about 120ml – 150ml of fresh milk.

STEP 2: Make coffee with a Moka Pot.

And while it’s coffee time, we’ll go prepare the milk and decide how we’re going to make the Latte.

Here, you will have 2 options for your Latte:
  • Latte Basic coffee cup: Add fresh milk to mix with coffee and you’re done. Drinking is still sweet and delicious.
  • Upgraded Latte Cup: This is in case you want to have a Latte at home that is just as beautiful as at the shop with a smooth milky layer.

If you choose the first option. You can stop here. And if you want to try option 2, then continue with me.

STEP 3: Create smooth cotton milk foam.

At the I s point you will need to use an additional milk frother that is: a  French Press bottle. The French Press is one of the best milk frothers in the price range under 300k.

You can see how I frothed the milk in detail below.

STEP 4: When the coffee is finished, pour 60ml into the cup.
STEP 5: Pour a portion of milk foam then stir a little to mix the coffee and milk.
STEP 6: Add milk foam and enjoy.

Before adding more milk foam, you can add a few ice cubes and gently stir the cup to cool it a bit. Then pour the rest of the milk foam on the top of the cup. Thick or thin milk foam will determine whether your coffee cup becomes Latte (soft foam) or Cappuccino (Thick foam part).


Frappe fluid filter

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WORKING TIME: 5 Minutes – 7 minutes

COST: Only from 13k – 15k. Coffee 8k. Homemade sugar syrup 2k. Fresh milk 3k

EASY: Easy to fit. It only takes time to prepare ingredients.

FOR: 1-2 people drinking.

This dish is from Greece, sounds very luxurious, but simply understood, it is like “coffee shake”. A little coffee, add a little sugar and milk. Shake vigorously until all are mixed  Drinking it smoothly drifted each stream of sweet milky foam into the throat.

Specific mixing

To make this, in addition to coffee, you will need:

  • 10-15g white sugar: About 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • 100ml fresh milk.
  • 1 shake bottle. I invested to buy this vase at Shopee for 56k – 69k. Or if you are near a bakery supermarket like Beemart or Abby, you can also stop by to buy it for convenience. If convenient, buy a measuring cup to measure some items accurately.
  • Any type of coffee can be used. But for me, I’m more inclined to use Fine Robusta coffees for a sweeter taste.
STEP 1: Make coffee with a Moka Pot. In the meantime we will prepare other works.
STEP 2: Make Sugar Syrup by adding 1 teaspoon of sugar to hot water in the ratio of 1 sugar: 1 water. Or if you have time, make a big bottle to use gradually.

STEP 3: Pour the ingredients into the Shake

Add 60ml of coffee
Half a Sugar Syrup.

Add 100ml of fresh milk breath

STEP 4: Breath with a hand squeeze to relieve fatigue. Then fill the cup with ice, pour the coffee over and drink it right away.

Special coffee


Affogato immediate cream

WORKING TIME: 15 Minutes – 20 minutes

EASY: Super easy if you buy ice cream from the store and easy to frost if you make your ice cream at home.

But it turns out that working at home is also very good.

Those who like sweets are quite suitable. The most commonly used ice cream outside the shop to make Affogato is Vanilla ice cream. The sweetness and aroma of Vanilla blend with coffee to create the feeling of eating a greasy coffee cream.

This vanilla ice cream you can buy easily in most supermarkets. And if you want to increase the difficulty of the Game or make less sweet, more satisfying ice cream at home, you can make your ice cream home.

Details how to do it

In addition to coffee, this dish you may need:

  • 1 box of vanilla ice cream and use 1.2 spoons each time (This can be bought from the supermarket for about 65k a box) or make your cream at home at a more economical price.
STEP 1: Go get ice cream

Please wear a mask and goggles and choose the right day to go to the market to buy ice cream at the supermarket or find homemade ice cream.

Or if friends and family have bought it, it can be temporary.

STEP 2: Make coffee with a Moka Pot and take out the coffee grounds about 25-40ml of coffee.

STEP 3: After making coffee, then scoop the cream into the cup. Ice cream is taken out depending on the amount of food. One person eats you take and only 1.2 spoons. But looking for a nice cup to eat

STEP 4: Pour the coffee into the ice cream to melt

Use a spoon to eat ice cream while sipping coffee on a warm sunny morning.

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