Latte – Coffee Friendly For All Ages

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Latte – Coffee Friendly For All Ages

Latte – Coffee Friendly For All Ages: Coffee has wide varieties, from traditional to signature. But coffee latte is still a favorite drink that has stood the test of time. Latte has become one of the coffee shop’s quintessential drinks. It is also a drink that is considered a “friend” of all ages. But how did it achieve that “title”? The history of coffee latte is a long and exciting story.

What is Latte coffee that pleases all ages?

We must know about the Cappuccino coffee shared by Barista School earlier. In terms of ingredients, Latte is similar to Cappuccino. It’s a combination of espresso and hot whipped milk but in different proportions.

Latte coffee can be made hot or with ice. Each brewing method brings its exciting flavor. It is a relatively simple drink but delicious and appealing to all ages worldwide. This is also a coffee that kids can enjoy without harm. Latte is known as “friendly coffee” because it caters to all audiences.

The seductive aroma and the sweet taste make adults, and young people swoon.

If you expect a great Latte, use fresh and quality Arabica beans. The soul of the Latte is the delicious, rich core of the espresso. When it comes to espresso, most people think it’s spicy and bitter. But the hot milk, mixed in large quantities, blends well with the basic espresso layer underneath.

The taste becomes fragrant and sweet. But the first thing that attracts the eye is the layer of fluffy, white milk foam on top. This is also a coffee picture that the baristas put all their heart into to make everyone have a cup for themselves.

Latte – Coffee Friendly For All Ages
A cup of Latte attracts at first sight

Compared to Cappuccino, Latte has more milk and less milk foam. Therefore, the taste of Latte is sweeter than Cappuccino; The amount of caffeine is less, so it is almost not picky about users.

Not everyone knows that this is a drink created for children, minors, or those hadn’t cannot drink strong coffee. However, Latte’s excellent sweet taste has made it popular with all ages and has become more popular.

Because the ingredients are pretty similar, many people still confuse Latte and Cappuccino as one. However, these are two utterly different ingredient ratios and other flavors.

Espresso – Latte’s Foundation

Europeans have been drinking coffee with milk since the 17th century, but there is no standard ratio, but it is only based on taste. The term “Caffe e latte” was first used by William Dean Howells in 1867 in his essay “The Adventures of the Italians.”

This is also a historical milestone; it marks the development of the passion for enjoying coffee globally. Although, at this time, making coffee was still very primitive in the manual style; because the espresso machine hasn’t been invented yet.

The invention of the espresso machine marks the foundation of Latte

Espresso is coffee brewed by a machine, using hot water compressed by high pressure through a layer of finely ground coffee powder.

The first espresso machine was patented in 1884, but the pressure was still relatively weak. So there were many improvements made until the 1940s that Milanese Achille Gaggia improved. The owner of this cafe added a spring-loaded piston lever to the movement. This invention was synonymous with the discovery of the legendary crema.Latte – Coffee Friendly For All Ages

Initially, consumers were apprehensive about this crema “smudge” as a lousy espresso’s fault. Until Gaggia introduced the concept of “coffee creme” as the iconic cream for high-quality coffee, this symbol is still the eternal great statue of espresso until now.

The Birth of Latte 

The original espresso machine was invented to do just what the name implies. It was not until the 1903s that the steam nozzle for whipping milk was added to the espresso machine as a functional improvement. But they can only heat and create an acceptable foam texture in the milk to make Latte. At this time, Latte was not as beautiful as it is now, but just a liquid texture consisting of espresso and hot milk.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that there was a concept of “painting” with milk on a cup of coffee.

At this time, the word Art was attached to Latte and gradually formed Latte Art as it is today. And over time, Latte Art art is more and more popular, spreading and famous all over the world. Nowadays, Latte and Cappuccino are served without beautiful drawings. Even though there have been competitions about Latte Art worldwide, its heat has never cooled down.


The method of preparing Latte has changed a lot over the years since its inception in the 17th century. But the basic principle of the combination of coffee and milk has remained relatively unchanged. However, surely we will not be able to determine the end of the development process of Latte coffee, especially when Latte Art was born and developed. There was almost unlimited growth and creativity.

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