Lam Dong – Arabica Coffee Center Vietnam

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Lam Dong - Arabica Coffee Center Vietnam
Lam Dong (LD) is a Vietnamese town with the best Arabica coffee farm in the country.

One of Lam Dong province’s ten strategic goals for developing high-tech agriculture has been established: To make Lam Dong, one of Vietnam’s coffee regions, the epicenter of Arabica coffee production. Arabica coffee is of the highest quality available anywhere on the planet.

Advantages: Lam Dong is the province that has the country’s second-largest coffee-growing area (after Dak Lak). Second, and perhaps most crucially, Lam Dong is the only Vietnamese town with land producing the best-grade Arabica coffee. Third, Arabica coffee is the province’s main priority crop.

Lam Dong - Arabica Coffee Center Vietnam

With those three factors in mind, it’s safe to say that Lam Dong’s resolve to become the country’s arabica coffee capital and one of the world’s top arabica coffee regions is well-founded.

According to the Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development data, Arabica coffee accounts for around 10% of the province’s 150,000ha of coffee. Lam Dong’s 15,000-hectare Arabica coffee plantation may now be found in places like Da Lat, Lac Duong, Duc Trong, Lam Ha, Don Duong, Dam Rong…

LD arabica coffee is a strength of the province,” said Dr. Pham S, Vice Chairman of the LD Provincial People’s Committee. However, the current area of this sort of coffee is small, and the annual output is insignificant, mainly because the farmers are unaware of its worth. As a result, the current issue is how to bring the people and the government together to create an international brand of arabica Da Lat – Lam Dong!”

Until now, the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) has recognized the trademark “Lang Biang Arabica coffee” of Lac Duong district as an exclusive property, together with the trademark “Di Linh Coffee.” received earlier.

This is one of LD province’s 16 officially recognized agricultural products. Along with the “Langbiang Arabica coffee” brand, Lam Dong is also developing the “Cau Dat coffee and tea” brand, one of 17 that the province will develop between now and 2020.

Thus, LD has established two coffee brands (“Di Linh Coffee” and “Lang Biang Arabica Coffee”) and is developing a third (“Cau Dat Coffee”).

LD is re-planning the Lac Duong coffee area, including 4,500ha of arabica coffee, with two brands related to arabica coffee (coffee tea – the brand name “Cau Dat tea coffee” is the folk word for arabica coffee) (currently Lac Duong has 3,400ha of coffee, including 2,700ha of arabica).

Lam Dong - Arabica Coffee Center Vietnam

The province is attempting to resuscitate the Moka line immediately, using Cau Dat coffee and tea – a brand that dates back more than a century – and consolidating the existing Da Lat coffee area (Da Lat mainly grows arabica kinds). Cau Dat and a few neighboring towns (Moka is a strain of arabica coffee produced by the French in Cau Dat more than 100 years ago).

In addition to the two Lac Duong and Da Lat localities, arabica coffee plantations have been established in a few districts surrounding Lac Duong and Da Lat, including Duc Trong, Lam Ha, Don Duong, Dam Rong…

By 2020, arabica coffee is predicted to account for around 20% of the total area of 150,000ha of coffee in LD province, more than doubling the existing site (about 30,000ha).

LD recently held an unusual event to launch a competition to identify Vietnam’s delicious Arabica coffee. In this competition, three domestic coffee business units play the role: UCC Ueshima Coffe Co., Ltd., La Viet Co., Ltd., and Cong. Olam Vietnam Co., Ltd. was also highly praised in terms of organization.


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