Kona Coffee – Species Coffee

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Kona Coffee - Species Coffee

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive and prized coffees in the world. It is not a true variety (although growers sometimes call it “Kona typica”), because of its distinct flavor, not its genetic makeup. In return, it comes from the unique (and highly controlled) growing conditions and methods of the Kona region of Hawai’i.

Kona farmers were among the first to treat coffee growing as a craft – and at a time when very few did. (Today, producers everywhere are doing the same thing, and when that’s matched with ideal growing conditions, you’ll get fine coffee, even outside of Kona.) You can think of Kona as a brand of typical.

The Kona region is not very large, which makes this coffee relatively rare and as such you are more likely to see “Kona blends” (“ Kona blends ” – may contain at least 10% Kona) than coffee. Original Kona Coffee.

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