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How to Export and Import Coffee To Belgium? – Shipping Coffee Exported To Belgium. Vietnam and the EU signed the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) on June 30, 2019. It officially took  August 1, 2020; according to this agreement, EU countries, including Belgium, offer necessary tariffs preferences for Coffee imported from Vietnam.

With this growth, Belgium is the second largest coffee export market in Vietnam. Belgium’s import demand is high because it is Europe’s 3rd largest importer of green coffee, but it is also the largest re-exporter of green coffee in Europe.

In addition, for many years now, the EU, including Belgium, has maintained the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) mechanism for developing and underdeveloped countries, including Vietnam.

From August 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022 (within two years from the effective date of EVFTA), enterprises are entitled to two preferential tariff regimes under EVFTA and GSP. They are allowed to choose which offer is more suitable. In the case of selecting GSP treatment, the product must meet GSP’s rules and procedures for certification of origin; in choosing tariff preferences under EVFTA, Coffee must meet EVFTA rules and guidelines for a certificate of origin. From August 1, 2022, the GSP preferential tariff mechanism automatically terminates, and enterprises apply the preferential tariff regime under EVFTA. However, the EVFTA allows if the EVFTA tax is higher than the GSP tax, they will still be entitled to GSP tax. No matter which preferential tax rate is chosen, the product must meet the EVFTA rules and procedures for origin certification.

Are you determining taxes and procedures for importing Coffee into Belgium? – Export and Import Coffee To Belgium

To look up import taxes and import procedures of Vietnamese Coffee into EU countries in general and Belgium in particular, the convenient search tool is the EC’s link below:

Determining taxes and procedures for exporting Coffee from Vietnam

Coffee shipped to Belgium can enjoy preferential export tax under the EVFTA agreement

If they meet the rules and guidelines for certification of origin EVFTA, they will enjoy special preferential import tax under EVFTA; if they cannot meet the requirements for origin, they will enjoy preferential import tax.

The preferential export tariff schedule for Coffee exported to the EU from 2020 to 2022 is implemented by Decree No. 111/2020/ND-CP  dated September 18, 2020, of the Government.

Shipping time from Vietnam to Belgium?

Shipping from Vietnam to Belgium is mainly by sea and by air

Container shipping time from Vietnam to Belgium? – Export and Import Coffee To Belgium

The table below lists expected container transit times from the main ports of Vietnam to some of the leading international ports of Belgium (for more specific time information on the respective service and other ports). different Vietnam, you can contact the consulting department of HP Global, Hotline: 0886775126)

Port Name, Port Code Shipping time from Hai Phong Shipping time from Da Nang Transit time from Ho Chi Minh (Cat Lai/Cai Mep)
Antwerp (Belgium, Port code: BEANR) 26 – 59 days 35 – 64 days 24 – 42 days
Zeebrugge (Belgium, Port code: BEZEE) 37 – 58 days 38 – 66 days 36 – 50 days
Liege (Belgium, Port code: BELGG) 32 – 46 days 29 – 43 days 30 – 43 days
Genk (Belgium, Port code: BEGNK) 35 – 52 days 29 – 43 days 34 – 43 days

Air freight time from Vietnam to Belgium?

Currently, Vietnam’s three main international airports are Hanoi (HAN), Da Nang (DAD) and Tan Son Nhat (SGN).

With air transportation, if you fly directly (direct service) from Vietnam airports, the time is in the day; however, going to Belgium is not much direct service; most of them are transit services through one or a few airports. other flights, time is about 3 – 10 days

Some of Belgium’s main international airports are as follows:

Airport name/Airport code City
Brussels Airport (Brussels Bay: BRU) Brussels
Brussels South Charleroi Airport (Mã sân bay: CRL) Brussels
Liège Airport (Mother Bay: LGG) Liège
Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) (Mã sand bay: ANR) Antwerp
Ostend-Bruges International Airport (Mother Bay: OST) Ostend


List Of Seaports In Belgium (Belgium) – Export and Import Coffee To Belgium

Belgium’s official name is the Kingdom of Belgium, the name of the Kingdom of Belgium.

In Vietnamese, it is derived from the pronunciation of Belgium in Chinese. The Sino-Vietnamese of Belgium is Belgium Loi Thoi. The name Belgium in Vietnamese is an abbreviation of this Sino-Vietnamese character. And Belgium is the English name used in international transactions of Belgium.

Belgium is a small country in European countries, specifically in the heart of Western Europe. Despite its modest size, Belgium is an important hub of international trade, especially in Europe.

Because this country is one of the co-founders of many economic regions and international alliances… and is home to the headquarters of more than a thousand international organisations. Because of this solid economic development, Belgium is the choice of many international students to study abroad.

The Kingdom of Belgium (Belgium) is located in the west of Europe, sharing borders with France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and one side by the sea. Belgium has a relatively modest area of ​​30,528 square kilometres, geographically divided into three central regions: the coastal plain in the northwest, the central plateau and the highlands in the southeast.

Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German. Euro is the currency of the country.

The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Not to mention a history of more than 1000 years, there is no need to argue about the importance of Brussels to the continent when this city is home to the headquarters of many economic unions such as the European Union and NATO…

The first impression when every visitor comes to Brussels is a city with trees and flowers planted everywhere. Besides, the unique heritage and diverse culture are also what visitors want to experience when coming to this city.

* Port of Antwerp

Belgium has a large port, the port of Antwerp, an anchorage port with a length of 12 km. Antwerp, Belgium, is the second-largest port in Europe, serving 15,000 commercial ships and 60,000 barges per year. Antwerp is responsible for 26% of Europe’s total containers, transporting more than 200 million tons of Coffee via sea right at the port.

The Port of Antwerp is an available port capable of loading and unloading all types of Coffee. Antwerp is also Europe’s leading loading and unloading port and is home to more than 200 forwarding companies specialising in handling bagged Coffee, including steel, forest Coffee, fruits, etc.

The port is equipped with 1,474 tanks to store 3,600,000 cubic meters of liquid cargo. Container Coffee are delivered and delivered at specialised container ports. In addition, bulk cargo handled at the port includes coal, iron ore, non-ferrous metals, cement, etc. The port has also expanded a dock for loading and unloading cars and trucks.

  • Freight from HCM – Antwerp: 1 USD/ 1 CBM
  • Shipping time: 25 days
  • Freight from Hai Phong – to Antwerp: 1 USD/ 1 CBM
  • Shipping time: 36 days

Why did Vietnamese coffee exports to Belgium increase by 580%?

According to the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the proportion of Vietnamese coffee in the Belgian market accounted for 11.4% of the total volume and 10.4% of the total value in the first quarter of 2022. Coffee exports to the Belgian market made a decisive breakthrough, positively impacting the whole industry.

According to the General Department of Customs statistics, Vietnam’s coffee exports to Belgium in March 2022 reached 29.2 thousand tons, worth $61.7 million, up 440.7% in volume and up. 571% in value compared to March 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, Vietnam’s coffee exports to Belgium reached 65.7 thousand tons, worth 135.3 million USD, up 580% in value over the same period in 2021.

In March 2022, the average export price of Vietnam’s coffee to Belgium reached $2,111/ton, up 24.1% compared to March 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, the average export price of Vietnam’s coffee to Belgium reached $2,054/ton, up 24.4% over the same period last year.

Vietnam mainly exports Robusta coffee to Belgium. In the first two months of 2022, exports of Robusta coffee to Belgium reached approximately 34.5 thousand tons, worth 65 million USD, up 466.1% in volume and 577% in value over the same period in 2021. Meanwhile, Arabica coffee has an export growth rate of 544.8% in book and 890.5% in value, but the book is low.

It is known that Belgium is the third-largest importer of green coffee in Europe. More than 96% of Belgium’s coffee imports originate directly from coffee-producing countries, supplying more than 70 countries and territories.

However, Belgium is also the largest re-exporter of green coffee in Europe. Belgium mainly re-exports to neighbouring countries: The Netherlands accounts for 55% of Belgium’s re-exports of green coffee in 2020. Large-scale and specialised Dutch coffee importers often use Belgian ports For their activities. Other re-export markets of Belgium are France (25%) and Germany (4.1%). This is also part of why Belgium imports strong coffee from Vietnam.

Moreover, with the commitment to eliminate tariffs under the EVFTA Agreement, coffee exported to the EU will have 93% of tariff lines to 0%. This is an excellent opportunity for Vietnamese coffee when the EU is the largest coffee consuming market globally, with import turnover from foreign countries of about 10 billion USD/year, accounting for 66% of imports and about 30% of global consumption.

However, one of the biggest problems for Vietnam’s coffee exports to the Belgian market in particular and Europe, in general, is branding, thereby enhancing vale, instead of exporting raw, under the brand name. Brands of importers.



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