How to Choose Your 1Zpresso Grinder

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How to Choose Your 1Zpresso Grinder
How to choose your 1Zpresso Grinder. 1Zpresso’s hand mill products have recently gotten a lot of attention from the artisan coffee community all over the world, particularly in the United States and Europe. They highly regard these mortars, describing them as “game-changers.”

Many people in Vietnam began to mention the moniker 1Zpresso. Curiosity and skepticism are natural reactions to a new product. Flusso has received a lot of queries since becoming a distributor of 1Zpresso in Vietnam.

What are the various 1Zpresso product lines?

There are so many 1Zpresso mill goods to choose from, how do I know which one is suitable for me?
Obviously, referring to paperwork and reviews about a new product on the internet is insufficient. It is not an easy chore to select an appropriate 1Zpresso mortar for its intended usage.

How to Choose Your 1Zpresso Grinder

We’ll address your worries about the characteristics of the 1Zpresso hand blenders in this article, as well as assist you in selecting the best blender for you.

The Milker Products Line Of 1zpresso

Currently, 1Zpresso splits its mortars into three primary product lines: Q, J, and K series. As a result of being designed by mechanical engineers, the 1Zpresso series has a very clear definition of intended usage, rather than a commercial division.

Series Q  

The Q series from 1Zpresso is largely focused on providing a small, full-featured product line. After a number of previous product “lives,” the Q series now just includes Q2.

This is 1Zpresso’s cheapest offering, with an exceptionally small size (just 1 can of coke). The Q2 delivers even, fast, and easy grain quality with a 38mm steel mill blade, strong shaft, housing, and shaft all made of CNC aluminum.

The Q2 is the most popular blender in the 1Zpresso lineup, yet it’s missing some key features. With three rotations totaling 90 clicks, Q2’s fine-tuning is sufficient (quite enough). The grinding on the Q2 is likewise excellent, and it is capable of grinding powder to an incredibly small size for some manual espresso machine accessories.

Series J

Unlike the Q series, the J series was designed with big capacity hand mills in mind. The J series, which is significantly larger than the Q series, comes with a large blade and a large container (35-40g of coffee), allowing you to grind coffee more effectively. JX-Pro and JE-Plus are two remarkable J series representatives with improved top adjustment capability.


Unlike the Q2, which has a thin, compact appearance, the JX-Pro has a tank-like build quality. JX-pro is equipped with a sliding drum silicone belt, making it simpler for users to hold, despite its relatively high weight (780g) compared to other manual mills on the market. JX-Pro is accompanied by a massive 48mm stainless steel blade that aids in the precise and rapid grinding of coffee.

The top adjustment knob, which allows users to adjust easily and precisely without removing the powder container, is one of the blender’s most valuable features. and turn the knob in the same way as other blenders


The JX-Pro is larger and heavier than the JE-Plus (slightly). It will also come with more valuable modifications, such as 47mm carbon-plated blades for better grinding, fine-tuning on the lid like the JX-Pro but with more fine-tuning steps, and an easy-to-remove magnet holder, all with the criterion of “putting espresso first.” Despite its weight (840g), the JE-Plus is simple to carry because of the compact beveled design on the handle and the faux-wood grain silicone grip.

Series K

This premium product range aims to improve the user’s coffee grinding process.

The finer is placed on the outside of the body of the mills of the K series, making coffee grinding as smooth and convenient as possible. A flawlessly engraved number from 0 to 8 is engraved on this fine-tuning ring, making the mortar look “genuine” and more noticeable. A unique K-burr blade is required for extremely rapid grinding speeds and consistent powder quality.

The K-Pro and K-Plus share the K series’ most significant and valued features, establishing them as premium coffee grinders. They also have their own unique characteristics. The Dark version of K-Pro is stunning, while K-Plus is a magnetic jar that looks premium.

What Is Your Primary Objective?

Some individuals select a coffee grinder based on its intended usage, while others select one based on its price range. Options will also be available based on personal criteria and preferences.

If it is based on a pricing range or a personal taste. You’ve probably already thought of a name. Allow Flusso to assist you with the goal. Flusso has compiled a list of the most comprehensive usage below.

How to Choose Your 1Zpresso Grinder

You’ll need a mortar to prepare coffee in the easiest and most convenient way possible while yet maintaining quality?
Q2 is completely capable of completing this task at a very low cost. It will satisfy all of the basic requirements of a coffee player who isn’t overly conscientious. From an excellent Pour-Over grind to a passable espresso for manual brewers, there’s something for everyone.

  • Are you looking for a high-quality espresso grinder?
    So you’re looking for a mortar that has a lot of fine-tuning power. With its 200 clicks and 48mm burr set, the JX-Pro will assist you. With the JX-Pro, you can easily weigh any espresso machine, from manual to specialized.

What if that’s still insufficient? Perhaps you require JE-Plus. The JE-Plus is the ultimate blender for those who wish to “learn” espresso. The ground coffee is ground to a very high grade with 280 clicks and a carbon graphite-coated italmill burr blade. JE-Plus is a super-fine-tuning mortar, and you won’t need a second one with it.

  • Do you want espresso in the morning and a pour-over in the evening?
    JX-Pro and K-Plus are two different types of JX-Pro. Here are two excellent espresso grinders; pour over grinds, and you’re set to go.
  • Traveling with a mortar companion?
    The Q2 appears to be the handiest because it is compact, light, and strong. If you don’t already know, the Q2 fits perfectly into the AeroPress plunger, making them a widely recognized wonderful anytime, anywhere coffee combination.

How about the rest of the mortars? You can bring 1Zpresso’s mortars everywhere with the Cylinder case or Travel Case, which is highly convenient. So, any 1Zpresso jar you desire is easily portable, in my opinion.

  • A steady, rhythmic pace of work
    K-plus is the best mortar for keeping the working pace up. Your workflow with the K-plus jar will be smoother than ever, thanks to a wide range of grind sizes and easy fine-tuning of the top blade and magnetic coffee pot.

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