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Honey Processing Arabica Roasted Coffee Bean Supplier: Honey processing coffee is a type of coffee processed by modern methods. This method will give you a more exciting experience of the taste of coffee. Besides, according to this processing method, this type of coffee will have a great rich flavour and be more delicious.

So is Arabica coffee processed with honey; this is a combination of the taste of natural coffee and wet processing. If you are interested and looking for a honey processing Arabica roasted coffee bean supplier, please contact Helena Coffee immediately.

1. What is honey processing?

The semi-wet coffee processing method, also known as the honey method, originated in Costa Rica because it effectively improves the quality of the coffee. This method is widely used in Central American countries and provides a solid foundation.

The word “honey” is used in this term to refer to the coffee processing method and is sometimes misleading.

The honey is not used in the Process All stages of the semi-wet processing process; are the coffee cherries are harvested, the skin and part of the inner pulp are removed, and the coffee beans are removed. Dry on a drying rack or the terrace.

The pulp that remains around the beans accelerates fermentation compared to natural processing methods (dry/natural). Mucus is rich in acids and sugars. In addition, with this part, the tomato seeds have an overall harmonious sweetness that is superior to other methods. When done correctly and promptly, the honey preparation method creates a beautiful feature that combines the two ways perfectly. Dry pretreatment and wet pretreatment.

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Besides the percentage grading system, semi-wet coffee processing method: Farmers also sort honey by colour, a technique that is quite common in Costa Rica. The percentage of mucus left in the pimple. Coffee beans not only affect the stain but also create the variety and complexity of different flavours.

The difference lies in the different mucilage, especially with white honey, which is about 10%, with the white honey bee is 25%. , with yellow honey is about 50%, with red flame about 75%, and with black love almost 100%. The higher the slime percentage, the longer the drying time; The intensity and variety of the fragrance become more intense and complex.

Semi-naturally processed coffee: Honey tends to have a distinctive sweet taste. This is mainly due to the time the chickpeas are in contact with the mucus. Caramelized sugar is filtered out during fermentation and drying.

2. Helena Coffee – Supplier of honey-processed Arabica roasted coffee beans

The factor that creates the unique flavour of Arabica honey is the particular honey processing method; or, more specifically, keeping the viscose (with 8-12% sugar) to infuse the coffee beans; After roasting, the blended coffee beans are more aromatic, sweeter and naturally bitter, creating a unique flavour that no other coffee can match.

Moisture: 12.5% max. 12.5% max.
Admixture: 0.2% max. 0.2% max
Black& Broken: 0.2% max 0.2% max
Altitude: 1350m 1350m
Origin: Lam Dong Lam Dong



Honey Processing Arabica Roasted Coffee Bean Supplier (1)

3. Method of making Arabica honey – cold brew

3.1 What is cold brew?

Cold brew coffee is not iced coffee (coffee is made with hot water, and then ice is added). Cold brew is a cold brew using cold or room temperature water. Brew coffee for a reasonably long time, about 12-24 hours, to create a smoother, sweeter, less sour and bitter flavour than traditional hot brewing.

I have been using this type of drink in fashion recently. Because it is “brewed” slowly with cold water, cold coffee is also “fresh” and lasts longer, even days, while hot coffee spoils after only one day.

Honey Processing Arabica Roasted Coffee Bean Supplier (1)


3.2. The process of making a delicious cold brew

  • Step 1: Prepare a 600ml incubation flask
  • Step 2: Weigh ground coffee powder 30gr
  • Step 3: Put the coffee into the filter of the pot
  • Step 4: Pour 600ml of filtered water into the bottle
  • Step 5: Close the lid and store at a refrigerator temperature for about 12-24 hours
  • Step 6: when enough time starts – Remove the coffee grounds & keep the cold brewed coffee, cover & store in the refrigerator to drink gradually (storage time is no more than 2-3 days)

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