Fresh Coffee

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Fresh Coffee

“Fresh coffee” is a “characteristic” in the specialty coffee industry. Coffee terms about Processing | The process you should know is as follows:

Fresh Coffee is the term “featured.”

Often, the freshness of Coffee fades over time, with speed depending on how it is stored, so some businesses are trying to convince the freshness of the Coffee around limiting the storage for too long after roasting.

Others, meanwhile, want to limit the degradation of taste across the entire process from harvesting, processing, drying, after roasting, and after grinding. On the other hand, the term also refers to limiting the use of Coffee immediately after roasting because it is too fresh.

Fresh Coffee
Fresh Coffee

The general scenario for the case of Coffee after roasting is that it should be used within two to four weeks of roasting to achieve the best taste. In the case of espresso, coffee beans require extra time to degauss (CO2), so the best bite will come around 5-14 days after roasting, and you should not keep more than 30 days after roasting.

According to Counter Culture Coffee, the purpose of letting the coffee rest a few days after roasting is to allow carbon dioxide to escape. This allows for a more efficient extraction process, resulting in better and more balanced Coffee.


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