Flow Rate

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Flow Rate

Flow rate – usually refers to the time it takes for water to pass through the coffee to form the extract in the cup. Flow rate has the most impact with  Espresso or  Pour-over  (Drip) techniques.

While the only brewing method that doesn’t use the term Flow rate is total water immersion (mixed with a French press ). And in most techniques, the flow rate depends on the size of the ground coffee, followed by the pressure.

If the coffee is more acceptable, the water is more difficult to pass through the cof; the flow rate will slow down tender. In contrast, when grinding the coffee, more space between the beans and the flow rate will be greater.

However, As all others come to brewing coffee, we must consider the flow rate as part of a larger equation with more variablesand more rules. A  standard espresso usually has a flow rate of 25 seconds.

Anentirelycompletely variable, depending on the coffee grinder, and brew ratio, the flow rate can fluctuate significantly as long as optimal results are achieved.


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