Finding The Origin Of Coffees That Captivate The World (Part 2)

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Finding The Origin Of Coffees That Captivate The World (Part 2): Drinking coffee has long ceased to be the solution people turn to when they need to stay awake, just like alcohol, many people consider learning about coffee to be a pleasure. Each type of coffee has a unique flavor, the more you drink it, the more you discover and no matter who you are, at any age, surely each person can find a suitable type for themselves own taste.

Coffee that is often mistaken for American origin is Americano, when in fact this drink is the “child” of Espresso from Italy. The name Americano comes from the fact that American soldiers in Europe during World War II added hot water to their pure coffee to get their coffee to their taste, this is also the most standard way of making Americano. Adding hot water to dilute the coffee will still keep the coffee’s strength but change the original flavor of the Espresso, which is something that Italian coffee enthusiasts are very dissatisfied with but useless. suitable for the taste of Americans or those who like to drink filter coffee.

Americano has a strong taste and caffeine content is also very high, so it is often preferred by office workers and men. Americano is the representative of the liberal, strong, bold … which any man is aiming for.

If Americano is the favorite coffee of men, then Mocha is the choice of women. A cup of Mocha is a combination of fresh cream and the sweet aroma of hot chocolate. Mocha is a hot coffee made from espresso brewed with steam and hot chocolate. Unlike the above milky coffees, the topping of Mocha is fresh cream with melted chocolate or cocoa crumbs.

The taste of coffee in Mocha is extremely light, often with only a slight aroma, this is a very popular coffee in the US and Asian countries. The extremely small caffeine content will also not cause insomnia or hot flashes – the worry of those who do not regularly drink coffee.


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