Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Wake You Up With Fragrance, Beat You Up With Taste

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Wake You Up With Fragrance, Beat You Up With Taste: Bordeaux is a world-famous wine-producing region and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is likened to the Bordeaux of the coffee world.

Ethiopia is the home of coffee, where coffee is of the highest quality in the world. So where Ethiopia’s coffee begins – Yirgacheffe. Coffee from this land is interesting and worth enjoying. This is the type of coffee that you must try when learning about coffee.

Yirgacheffe – when coffee is not coffee 

Yirgacheffe coffee is one of the most elusive coffees because of its flavor complexity. Yirgacheffe coffee has a passionate aroma, full of citrus and floral aromas. Yirgacheffe coffee will remind people of a cup of Earl Gray tea more than a cup of coffee. You will be awakened by Yirgacheffe Coffee with its aroma and beat you with its taste!

  • Floral aroma, each cup of Yirgacheffe Coffee is a mysterious and delicate cup of floral tea that can wake anyone up. And some of the floral scents commonly found in Yirchacheffe are jasmine, rose, and bergamot.
  • Fruity sometimes Yirgacheffe coffee also carries with it fruit flavors, ripe berry flavors, or hidden aromas of the wine.
  • Sour, the first flavor you’ll find in Yirgacheffe Coffee is its striking bright acidity combined with its honeyed sweetness. The sourness of Yirgacheffe can vary from season to season. And sometimes you’ll find the following sours: the intense sourness of lemons, the pungent tartness of grapefruit, the slightly sweet sourness of oranges, or the intense sourness of blueberries. What about bitter taste? You won’t find bitterness in a cup of Yirgacheffe coffee. Your cup of coffee will be a cup of juice or a glass of sweet aged wine.
  • Boldness, Mouthfeel. Coffee from Yirgacheffe has an elegant and elegant boldness. A cup of Yirgacheffe coffee will be every coffee lover’s dream every day. It could be the mouthfeel of fruit or the smoothness of chocolate.

That’s it, you can find a lot of different flavors from many different types of coffee. Some coffees have a floral aroma, some have a sweet taste, some have a distinctive sour taste or some other aroma. But Yirgacheffe coffee is the total of all that you are looking for. Yirgacheffe coffee is the coffee that will satisfy you when you are looking for any flavor.

And do you wonder what land has made that special?

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – the name that speaks to the quality

  • Yirgacheffe is much higher around 1750-2200m and rainfall is 1600-2000mm.
  • It has a cool mountainous climate and fertile soil. Coffee is usually grown under the shade of food crops, and bananas in all open areas around the house. There is no denying that this is the best and most exciting region to grow coffee. Thanks to the natural conditions, the coffee fruit grows more slowly. Coffee has more time to absorb nutrients. Thanks to that, coffee develops the best flavor.
  • Just like Sidamo coffee, the coffee in Yirgacheffe is grown entirely organically. The farmer does not use any chemicals while caring for the coffee. All work from planting, tending ng, and harvesting to preliminary processing is done by hand. With natural growing methods (including disease control), Yirgacheffe’s coffee is certified organic (Organic Trade).

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Although Yirgacheffe is part of Sidamo, due to the quality and expectations of coffee lovers, their names have been separated. Yirgacheffe is also one of three growing regions that the Ethiopian government trademarked in 2004 to advertise its signature coffees. But Yirgacheffe has other interesting secrets.

Yirgacheffe – The beginning of coffee

According to Ethiopian legends, Yirgacheffe is the birthplace of coffee drinking. Around 850 BC, goat herder Khadi noticed his goats were euphoric and sleepless after eating berries on a tree. Out of curiosity, Khadi tried it and was immediately surprised by the taste of this fruit. Taking coffee to visit the monastery, the wise men made him a cup of tea from the coffee. From here coffee spread throughout the region and eventually the world. Although there is much debate about this legend. But Yirgacheffe coffee is undeniably the most prized coffee in the world.

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Al l the stories above are only a small part of the stories about Yirgacheffe. But the most special thing about Yirgacheffe coffee is still its great taste that you cannot ignore. Make yourself a cup of coffee from the “first” land to enjoy and share with Helena your special experiences.

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