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Enjoy Coffee With The Five Senses

Enjoy Coffee With The Five Senses: Coffee is a beverage with a “unique” taste. If you know how to enjoy coffee with all your senses, you will have happy energy.

Here are the steps to drink coffee to get happy energy every day.

Activate the sense of smell

The scent of coffee stimulates our interest, curiosity, and excitement. This cheerful scent also gives us happy energy.

With a fragrant coffee aroma with enough concentration to stimulate the sense of smell, the eyes will immediately search for a good cup of coffee. But wait, just let your nose enjoy the aroma of coffee for a moment. It is a way of awakening the sense of smell and other reasons. The attentive waiter will not interrupt your stream of comments. Because enjoying coffee by the sense of smell is one of the endless joys of diners.

Judging by sight (coffee, cup) 

The cup of coffee is near we can quickly get it at any time. Enjoy coffee with your eyes.

Use your eyes to observe and evaluate the color of the coffee solution reflected in the light. Have you seen the happy energy? It is lovely to see the natural color of the original coffee. It is earth brown, cockroach brown, reddish-brown, amber, and straw yellow. Depending on the characteristics of the coffee beans and the brewing method, the intensity of coffee varies.

Enjoy Coffee With The Five Senses
Let your eyes watch the moving cup of coffee colors

Tilt the cup slightly to see the movement and consistency of the coffee. All the sight registers data will be combined with the other senses. From there, give an overall assessment of the satisfaction level when experiencing a cup of coffee.

Awaken the sense of smell

Right before the solution enters the mouth, the cup of coffee is right in front of the nose. At that time, slow down for two seconds so that the scent enters the nose comfortably and naturally.

The scent of coffee was unmistakable, with the closest distance to the sense of smell. This step helps clarify questions about the scent in the cup and find the exciting scents.

Emotions and fragrances are essential in forming impressions and memories about coffee. And that will also be your happy energy every day.

Enjoy with touch and taste (us)

Enjoying coffee with all the senses is the daily habit of Julie Dang – a coffee expert. When coffee is brought to the palate in the first sip, she says, there is an increase in concentration and diffusion of aromatic compounds, making us feel the most explosive and unmistakable taste.

Enjoy Coffee With The Five Senses
The taste of coffee sublimes on the palate

At this time, the scent molecules will diffuse and distribute in the spaces in the oral cavity. They are kept here until the solution is swallowed. The increase and decrease in the concentration of aromatic compounds give the perception of the quality of the coffee.

When swallowed, the airflow in the mouth will spread the scent up the nose. The scent experience must be captured quickly. Otherwise, we will lose that memory immediately. This step helps to validate the prediction of the coffee cup flavor in the first three steps.

Full happiness energy (senses)

The most basic scents, and aftertaste, will linger in the neck after drinking. This will be an affirmation of the essence of the coffee. Is it passionate or casual, long or short, pleasant or challenging…

Well, happy energy is not far away. It’s right there in your morning cup of coffee. Enjoy coffee with all your senses to feel happy energy every day.

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