Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” Coffee Captivates Many Coffee Lovers Around The World

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Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” Coffee Captivates Many Coffee Lovers Around The World

Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” Coffee Captivates Many Coffee Lovers Around The World: You know, in the coffee world, there is a dish called “Dirty Coffee” – “Dirty” Coffee if translated into Vietnamese. It sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it! Although called Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” coffee, it captivates many diners’ worlds. Let’s find out what it is!

Dirty Coffee – What is “Dirty” Coffee?

If you read the name of this coffee, you might think it is a broken, dirty, dirty coffee that needs to be thrown away. But that’s not quite the case. Muddy Coffee – “Dirty” coffee is a deliciously creative coffee treat.

This is the top drink list of Bangkok’s most trendy and oldest coffees (Thailand). And it is present in almost every modern cafe menu. Dirty Coffee – This “Dirty” coffee originates from Tokyo (Japan). It is often confused with an iced latte. But no, this drink is utterly different from the coffee with milk.

Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” coffee consists of cold milk, sometimes a mixture of milk and cream, combined with solid espresso or ristretto

The surface is sometimes covered with a layer of powder or chocolate chips to add flavor and aesthetics. This creates a drink that looks very artistic and beautiful. But it is also the “mess” that people give the name “Dirty” – “Dirty.”

Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” coffee is always served in clear glass. The aim is for coffee connoisseurs to see the beautiful art created by this “mess”..” before enjoying its sweet, excellent taste. Another bleaching that makes Dirty Coffee unique is the combination of hot and cold temperatures. Make the experiencer have an unforgettable feeling when taking the first sip.

Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” Coffee Captivates Many Coffee Lovers Around The World

The fun and how to make Dirty Coffee

The most classic method of preparing Dirty Coffee is to pour double ristretto over the frozen milk slowly. At that time, the coffee gradually penetrated the surface of the milk; the milk was white as if it had been dyed. That’s how “Dirty” Coffee is made.

When enjoying Dirty Coffee, you can feel the first hot espresso with the rich flavor of coffee and a slight acidity. The curd layer will immediately fill the mouth with a pleasant fatty feeling when drinking again. The balance of coffee aftertaste, sour and sweet taste on the tip of the tongue is different.

You can feel two sensations in just 1-2 seconds:

  • The exchange of sensations of hot and cold.
  • The instant combination of strong coffee and milk is perfect.

However, you’re mistaken if you think Dirty Coffee is simply pouring espresso into curd. A good cup of Dirty coffee must combine the heat of espresso and the cold of curd. Alternating hot and cold on the palate, The taste is sour, sweet, and bitter, welling up at the tip of the tongue. It was a particularly unforgettable experience. Also not easy to find in other drinks. This is the most exciting thing that Dirty Coffee – Dirty Coffee brings.

Things to note when making Dirty Coffee (read)

Firstly, the secret to successful Dirty Coffee is the temperature

Milk must be thick enough

  • When kept at room temperature, many milk brands may have a more pungent fishy odor when frozen. This will affect the taste of the cup of coffee. So when making this drink, pay attention to the milk used.
  • A recipe for creating a curd mixture for reference: 20ml condensed milk + 100ml whole milk. Stir well and place in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Do not add ice on top of the espresso. Because melting ice will dilute the taste of Dirty Coffee.

You should freeze the cup before mixing. This is useful for enhancing the visual appeal of the drink.

Second, the aesthetic and taste of Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” Coffee

There are two ways to create the perfect Dirty Coffee

    • Method 1: Using a spoon placed lightly on the surface of the frozen milk, slowly pour the espresso over the spoon to make the path slowly flow down the curd layer.
    • Method 2: Straighten the prepared cup of curd into the espresso machine. Crema will gradually spread on the surface of the milk as the coffee is extracted. There is a small tip to keep in mind you should slowly rotate the cup’s body so that the coffee completely covers the surface of the milk

Coffee extract is an essential factor in creating the characteristic flavor of “Dirty” Coffee

Try a shorter coffee extraction time or slightly more ground coffee than usual. This will give a thicker layer of crema, which helps to stratify the Dirty Coffee better. If only normal or excessive extraction is done, moisture will affect stratification. At this time, the drink will not be satisfactory.

The amount of milk can be adjusted according to the espresso extraction to balance the overall taste. Regular Dirty Coffee is 4oz – 6oz.

Dirty Coffee – “Dirty” Coffee Captivates Many Coffee Lovers Around The World

Enjoy Dirty Coffee – How “Dirty” coffee is for the typical taste  world )

  • It .is not recommended to serve a spoon/spoon or use it when drinking. Because if you drink the milk first, then the coffee class is wrong in the order. At this time, its inherent characteristic flavor also disappears.
  • If you want to experience the difference in temperature and taste of coffee and milk. Drink Dirty Coffee on the steepest possible slope. But be careful not to drink too quickly. Because that also drifts away from the excellent taste perception.

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