Coffee Shops Around the World: 10 Unbelievable Coffee Shops You Must Visit

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 Coffee Shops Around the World: Defining the best coffee shops in the world is subjective, as everyone’s preferences differ. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to socialize or a serene place to read and write, coffee shops serve as unofficial clubs for regulars. One thing is certain: the best coffee shops offer exceptional coffee. Owners of these establishments choose from the finest commercial espresso machines to ensure a high-quality brew. Coffee shops vary from small, owner-operated businesses to large, multinational franchises. Below are 10 coffee shops globally recognized for their excellence.

10 Unbelievable Coffee Shops You Must Visit

1. Sightglass – San Francisco, California

Sightglass Coffee at 270 Seventh Street in San Francisco is celebrated for its exceptional coffee and inviting atmosphere. This dynamic space features a production roastery, a vibrant open coffee bar, and a community gathering area. Founded by brothers Jerad and Justin Morrison in 2009, Sightglass offers specialty coffees sourced worldwide. Their diverse coffee options include whole bean, French press, Aero press, pour-over, and more.

2. Cafe Central – Vienna, Austria

Café Central, located in Herrengasse 14 in Vienna, is a historic café established over 140 years ago. Known for its stunning architecture and rich history, it has been a meeting place for notable figures like Sigmund Freud and Vladimir Lenin. The café’s elegant setting, with large windows and beautifully decorated vaults, makes it a must-visit in Austria’s capital.

3. Toma Café – Madrid, Spain

Toma Café, a favorite for its quiet ambiance, opened in 2011 in Madrid. With three branches in the city, Toma Café offers natural wine, good beer, WIFI, and brunch every day. Their coffee prices range from €10.50 to €18, bringing a unique concept to Madrid’s coffee scene.

4. Sey Coffee – Brooklyn, NY

Sey Coffee, located on Grattan Street in Brooklyn, is known for its spacious, plant-filled environment. They offer a rotating selection of seasonal coffees, with options for subscription services. Prices range from $22.75 to $163.75, making it a favorite for coffee enthusiasts seeking variety and quality.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – New York, New York

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a renowned coffee chain, opened its first New York café in 2013. Known for its meticulous roasting process, Stumptown offers a range of flavors from full-bodied to delicate, tea-like finishes. Prices range from $16 to $42, and despite its small size, it is part of the larger JAB Holdings corporation.

6. Bonanza Coffee Roasters – Berlin, Germany

Bonanza Coffee Roasters in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is a pioneer in the city’s coffee scene since 2006. Known for their light roasts, they serve coffee in a minimalist space with white walls and plenty of plants. Coffee prices range from €12.50 to €22.50.

7. Cat & Cloud – Santa Cruz, CA

Cat & Cloud in Santa Cruz offers a stylish interior, freshly roasted coffee, and friendly staff. Founded with a deep love for the coffee experience, they have grown from a single café to multiple locations and a wholesale business. Prices range from $13.81 to $17.00.

8. Giyanti Coffee Roastery – Jakarta, Indonesia

Giyanti Coffee Roastery in Jakarta is renowned for its rich, flavorful coffee. Founded in 2012, they use high-quality beans and imported Italian roasters. Coffee prices range from Rp127.000 to Rp650.000, and their meticulous roasting process sets them apart.

9. Roemar Koffie & Thee – Deventer, Netherlands

Roemar Koffie & Thee in Deventer is a small coffee roasting business known for its freshly roasted beans and diverse coffee selections. They offer tastings of 13 different coffees and a broad selection of teas. Prices range from €4.95 to €10.00.

10. ONE LOVE – Kyiv, Ukraine

One Love in Kyiv is famous for roasting its coffee in-house and offering panoramic views, an impressive interior, and a variety of brewing methods. They also host events and have professional staff serving excellent coffee and desserts. Prices range from 299 грн to 395 грн.

These coffee shops offer more than just a cup of coffee—they provide an experience, a community, and a taste of their unique locales. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these 10 coffee shops are worth visiting.

Coffee Shops Around the World: to sum up

Exploring the best coffee shops around the world is an adventure for the senses, where each visit offers a unique experience that goes beyond just the taste of coffee.

From the historic elegance of Café Central in Vienna to the vibrant, community-centric Sightglass in San Francisco, these establishments provide more than just a place to get your caffeine fix—they offer a slice of culture, a hub for social interaction, and a sanctuary for those seeking solace in a bustling world. Whether you prefer the quiet ambiance of Toma Café in Madrid or the dynamic, plant-filled space of Sey Coffee in Brooklyn, there’s a coffee shop out there that caters to your personal taste and preference.

Each of these ten coffee shops is a testament to the diversity and richness of global coffee culture, inviting you to savor the moment, meet new people, and discover the extraordinary flavors of the world, one cup at a time.