Coffee prices today September 13, 2022: Robusta Price Contrariwise

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Coffee prices today September 13, 2022

Coffee prices today September 13, 2022: The price of Robusta coffee delivered in November was slightly adjusted down by 12 USD (0). 53%).

Coffee prices today September 13, 2022: Robusta Price Contrariwise

On the international trading floor, at the end of the first session of the week (September 12) on ICE Futures Europe – London, the price of Robusta coffee delivered in November was slightly adjusted down by 12 USD (0). 53%), trading at $2,264/ton. While January 2023 delivery was down $2 (0.09 percent), trading at $2,253/ton. Low trading volume.

Coffee prices today September 13, 2022

The price of arabica coffee on the ICE Futures US exchange – New York increased strongly again, as of December 2022, it increased by 6.3 cents (0.47%) to trade at 228.50 cents/lb. While the lead was down 5.95 cents/pound (0.30%) in March 2023, it traded at 222.65 cents/lb. Average trading volume.

According to some traders, the number of shares at the end of September 2022 could be half of what it was in the same period last year. Vietnam’s Robusta coffee production is also expected to decrease by about 6%. to 1.72 million tons. Currently, Vietnam is the largest coffee producer in the world and the second largest exporter of coffee.

The strong real currency has restrained the strong selling momentum of Brazilian coffee, and farmers here support the uptrend of arabica coffee prices. Arabica coffee prices were also supported by weather data as market concerns about ongoing drought conditions in key coffee-growing regions of Brazil raised concerns about the impact on coffee production. next year.

According to technical analysis, all technical indicators are showing neutral signals, so before any new information, the coffee prices will struggle between 215-235 in the short term.

World Coffee News: Born from ancient California, Ascend Coffee Roasters has emerged in San Marcos

In the foothills to the west of northern San Diego County, a new roasting company named Ascend Coffee Roasters has taken off from the helm of an iconic coffee establishment called Old California Coffee House (also known as Old Cal Coffee).

A shared commercial roaster at the adjacent California Roasting Collective is being used by Erin Nenow’s new San Marcos roasting venture.

Nenow stated that while the company strives to concentrate on coffee quality in its sourcing efforts, it also supports forward-thinking coffee producer cooperatives dedicated to advancing economic and social conditions. a sizable number of small-scale coffee growers.

Although the roasting business is primarily focused on wholesale roasting, online consumer sales, and subscriptions, it was founded in Old Cal, where the aggregate tastes of patrons’ habits have been developed over many years.

As Mocha Marketplace, the San Marcos store officially opened its doors in 1990.

When Craig and Giovanna Garcia bought it in January 2011, it changed its name to Old California, and a month later, they recruited Erin Nenow as a bartender.

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