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During the 2020/21 period, global coffee imports amounted to a total of 133.03 million 60-kilogram bags. In the same period, around 142.37 million bags were exported worldwide. For the 2020/21 coffee marketing year, both imports and exports are expected to decrease.

However, whether it is an increase or a decrease, we can see that the consumer market for this drink is not tiny. Along with great demand, the import of coffee beans in markets with great demand, such as European countries, plays an essential role in ensuring the supply chain. Today we will learn about the Coffee Import Portal – One of the means or tools to make the import process smoother and more convenient.

What is the Coffee Import Portal?

The term “portal,” which is generally synonymous with the word “gateway,” refers to a website on the World Wide Web that is or proposes to be a primary starting site for users when they get connected to the Web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site. The term “portal” comes from the Greek word “ports,” which means “door.” In other words, a gateway is the same thing as a portal. There are websites geared toward the general public and others that are intended for a more specific audience and purpose. Examples of some of the most widely used available portals include the websites Yahoo, Excite, Netscape, and Lycos, as well as CNET, Microsoft Network, and Examples of niche portals include, which caters to people interested in networking,, which caters to gardeners, and, which caters to investors (for network administrators).

Coffee Import Portal

The free web-based single point Coffee Import Portal is designed to provide a centralized online access point to connect Customs, Government and trade partners, and customers goods related to the importation of goods into a country. The Portal is accessible via the internet. The Import Portal enables businesses to electronically submit security records to importers and import truck manifest demonstrations and export information. Additionally, the Import Portal allows companies to view export information. The Portal provides its users with access to a variety of reports. Run targeted accounts to perform internal reviews, identify system failures, and provide detailed information on the reviewed items so that compliance with commercial laws can be improved. It will help to ensure that regulations are followed.

Operations carried out by the Coffee Import Portal

  1. It helps verify the digital signatures of declarants and processing agencies and receive electronic documents and declaration information about imported coffee sources. Transfer electronic documents, declaration information, and related information of the declarant to the specialized processing system. Store information from the declarant on the Portal for search and statistics.
  2. Receive processing results and notifications from specialized processing systems; provide processing results as feedback to the declarant and the relevant technical processing system; store the status of electronic transactions and electronic documents performed on the National Single Window Portal. The provisions of the law governing electronic transactions and the regulations governing record-keeping for specialized rules must be adhered to to ensure that the maximum amount of time that can pass between storing the status of electronic transactions and electronic documents is not violated.
  3. On request from processing agencies and declarants, provide information on the administrative procedures, statistics, and data that pertain to handling. This information should be provided in accordance with the functions and competence of the handling agency and the rights and responsibilities of the declarants. A posting of regulations of specialized laws on management policies and administrative procedures about coffee import in that country. In particular, the National Single Window Portal will connect with the information systems of other countries and territories following the international agreements that have been signed.

Benefits of using the Coffee Import Portal

  • During administrative procedures, the ” one-stop-shop ” mechanism offers many valuable benefits to coffee growers and coffee businesses. Such as reducing the amount of time and money spent and increasing the economy’s level of competitiveness, the economy, and the management capabilities of the state. Maintain coherence in terms of the topics, records, and administrative procedures you are dealing with.
  • Because all of the records and documents that need to be submitted for administrative procedures on the coffee import portal will be in electronic format, businesses will only need to send electronic documents to the Portal from the headquarters of their respective companies. The door can finish the necessary paperwork for licensing and clearance for shipments.
  • Since the procedure is quick, it helps save time for the shipment’s customs clearance, saving money on the cost of paying for warehouses and warehouses. Since the time it takes to return goods to customers is also quick, the company’s reputation improves as a result. Therefore, it is clear that the coffee imports portal help:

– Stimulate the development of the country’s economy

– Improve the reputation of our country’s businesses

– Create momentum for the development of import and export activities

– Increase the rate at which it attracts domestic and foreign investment capital

– Increase the per capita income of domestic people.

  • When carrying out administrative procedures, contact between businesses and management agencies is also limited due to the process of streamlining provided by the OSS mechanism. It also helps to reduce the number of harmful problems that occur.

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