Coffee Flower Season In Central Highland of Vietnam

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Coffee Flower Season In Central Highland of Vietnam
Coffee Flower Season In Central Highland of Vietnam. What comes to mind when you think about the Central Highlands? It may be the sun-drenched and winding red dirt roads, the lofty communal buildings, the loud sound of gongs, or the vast fields of coffee plantations.
Most importantly, if you visit the Central Highlands in March, you will be captivated by the sheer beauty of white coffee flowers blooming all over the highlands and hills, making the entire region more appealing than ever. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite memories from our trip to the Central Highlands with Helena Coffee Vietnam during the coffee bloom season!

In the Central Highlands, when is the coffee flower season?  

Because of the differences in climate, coffee flowers bloom in each province varies slightly. Still, there are usually two blooms, lasting from February to the end of April on the solar calendar.

Coffee Flower Season In Central Highland of Vietnam

Each color lasts only 7 to 10 days, after which the flowers drop their wings and gradually form clusters of pretty small fruits that cling to each other’s branches, forming fruit. The month of March on the solar calendar is thought to be the most attractive flower blooming.

What is it about coffee flowers that makes them so lovely?

Before blossoming, coffee blossoms have a unique pale green characteristic at the top of the bud that you must see up close and personal to appreciate. When fully opened, the flowers will gradually reveal a magnificent white color, starting from the light green strokes at the top of the bud. Even those accustomed to the coffee flower season will be surprised and delighted by each bloom.

Because the entire coffee field was still green yesterday night, but by the following day, it was gleaming with pure white, full of charm, and the flower buds had awakened and bloomed with lovely pure petals. Discouraged.

Coffee Flower Season In Central Highland of Vietnam

Coffee flowers will be enormous, spherical, and clustered in bunches that cling to the branches, standing out against the fresh green color in their most spectacular bloom. The “foot crazy association” has given the coffee flower season in the Central Highlands the name “snow mountain” to honor this lovely flower’s clean and precise beauty. When viewed from afar, the characteristics of coffee trees placed close together and in hills will appear as thick snowflakes on the branches.

Coffee blossoms have a unique beauty and a very appealing and sweet perfume. The aroma of flowers is not overpowering but relatively mild, pure, and refreshing, providing a sense of relaxation and comfort to those who come to appreciate and visit.

Additionally, for individuals who cultivate bees for honey, the aroma of flowers provides a source of money. Bee boxes are frequently placed near the coffee garden during the coffee flower season. Because bees collect honey from coffee flowers, the honey drops are denser and more golden in color, making them very popular and desirable in the market.

When the blooms start to fade, you’ll notice that each enormous flower is made up of numerous tiny, lovely blossoms that have been gathered together. These blossoms will produce dense clusters of coffee berries when they fall.

This is the most attractive site to see coffee blooms in the Central Highlands

Pleiku (flowering)

Pleiku has become one of the Central Highlands’ “coffee capitals” thanks to its fertile basalt red soil. Early morning is the best time to seek coffee flowers in Pleiku when the blooms have just bloomed, and the white flowers are spread out in enormous clusters, wet in night dew.

Coffee Flower Season In Central Highland of Vietnam

When visiting Pleiku, you can rent a motorcycle from the city center and ride to the districts with vast coffee gardens, such as Ia Gray, Ia Pa, Krong Pa, Bien Ho, and so on. Lilac flowers aren’t the only ones. You will observe butterflies soaring in the skies while running along these routes because this is also the season when the golden caterpillars open their cocoons. After all, the mild aroma of coffee flowers permeates the area.

Dak Lak, Buon Ma Thuot (grow) 

Buon Ma Thuot is more gorgeous and delightful during the coffee flower season than before. Coffee flowers may be found all across Buon Ma Thuot, particularly in the city’s suburbs, where coffee is cultivated in vast quantities, primarily Robusta coffee. Around Lak Lake, there is also a site where you may enjoy capturing shots of white coffee woods.

What is it about the Central Highlands that is so gorgeous, aside from coffee flowers?

Garden of Troh Bu (Buon Ma Thuot)

This is an eco-tourist region dedicated to preserving the distinctive features of Daklak tourism and the red terrain of the Central Highlands in general. You will be enveloped in the natural green air with the delicate aroma of wild orchids mingled with the taste of Buon Ma coffee from the moment you walk into Troh Bu garden.

Coffee Village Trung Nguyen (Buon Ma Thuot)

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village is a well-known destination for excellent, premium coffee and a location to learn and share new coffee knowledge. It also serves as a check-in point for super virtual photos.

Trung Nguyen coffee village, which spans an area of up to 20,000m2, is a miniature coffee world comprised of five zones, each with its own set of attractions, including food, a store, a museum, and an information counter. Coming here will allow you to witness the evolution of coffee cultivation and processing from the past to the present and admire hundreds of historical objects from Central Highlands ethnic groups.

Museum of the World of Coffee (Buon Ma Thuot)

The architecture of the World Coffee Museum is based on the traditional longhouse space typical of the sacred Central Highlands, with flexible and polymorphic curves that are interlaced with each other and architectural aspects. Europe is modern and opulent, with an overall impact that makes it a must-see sight for visitors to the Central Highlands.

Up to 10,000 objects were brought back from the Jens Burg museum in Hamburg, Germany, and are displayed directly on the aisle rather than in glass cabinets, creating a sense of authenticity and proximity. In addition, from ancient times to the present, there are several equipment and tools for the manufacturing and processing of Vietnamese coffee.

Lake Lak is a popular tourist destination in Thailand (Buon Ma Thuot)

Coming to Lak Lake will allow you to travel amid the big mountains covered in ancient forests in intriguing wooden boats, providing you with a unique experience. Immerse yourself in nature by seeing schools of fish swim on both sides of the ship and listening to the sound of water flowing on both sides.

You can also bring a fishing rod and eat fresh fish that has been processed into a specialty while sitting by the flickering highland fire with an aromatic can of wine.

Waterfall Dray Nur (Buon Ma Thuot)

Dray Nur waterfall, with a length of over 250 meters and a height of up to 30 meters, is an exquisite and intense gift of nature bestowed on the mountainous country of Buon Ma Thuot.

When you visit Mang Den, you can immerse yourself in the untamed natural landscape of Dak Ke Lake, discover the suspension bridge – a feature of mountainous regions – calm your soul at Pa Sy waterfall, or live simply in Konbring village.

Lake of the Sea (Pleiku) (stories)

With a sea surface area of roughly 230 hectares and a depth of up to 19 meters. The lake appears huge and blue from above, nestled in the arms of mountains and forests. Because the lakeside is also a part of the high mountain, you can see this incredible scenery from here. The Pleiku people’s eyes, as clear and straightforward as that, are likened to the clear blue sea that seems to extend out eternally.

Pleiku Lake is lovely at any time of day, but arguably the most beautiful is when the sun rises and sets when the entire lake surface appears to be colored in blazing orange, a sight that is difficult to explain in words.

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