Coffee Bean Prices Today August 27, 2022: Coffee Price On The Fall

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Coffee Bean Prices Today

Coffee Bean Prices Today August 27, 2022: The price of Robusta coffee in London delivered in September 2022 decreased by 34 USD/ton to 2,281 USD/ton.

Coffee Bean Prices Today August 27, 2022

At the end of the last trading session of the week, the price of Robusta coffee in London delivered in September 2022 decreased by 34 USD/ton to 2,281 USD/ton, and the price paid in November 2022 decreased by 33 USD/ton to 2,279 USD/ton.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the cost of arabica coffee delivered in September 2022 fell 1.4 cents/lb to 242 cents/lb, and the December delivery price fell 1.4 cents/lb to 238.1 cents/lb. pounds.

Coffee Bean Prices Today

In the last two sessions of the week, world coffee prices plunged due to the rise of the US dollar, and the London floor rose sharply earlier. The dollar continues to trend higher as markets bet on raising interest rates to Fed levels at the September board meeting.

Weather information pushed prices higher before falling in the final session. Booming Arabica coffee. Producers and investors alike are concerned that prolonged dry weather could adversely affect the output of next year’s Brazilian coffee crop, especially if the next crop begins to decline. The decrease in the number of shares on the two exchanges helped the coffee price increase strongly towards the end of the year.

World Coffee News: Five coffees score 90+ in the third Ethiopian Cup of Excellence competition

The 40 winners of the third Ethiopia Cup of Excellence coffee competition include five coffees with scores of 90 or above. On Tuesday, August 23, the coffees will be available for online auction.

The third phase of the competition was hosted in Ethiopia by the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority with funding from USAID CATALYZE Ethiopia: MS4G in association with the Ethiopian Private Coffee Association, American Nonprofit Alliance for Coffee Excellence, and others.

To ensure that the program supports small-scale coffee farmers, green coffee applications are restricted to coffee producers with plantations of less than 20 hectares this year.

A worldwide team of specialist judges determined that Legesse producer Botasa Dikale’s natural, sun-dried coffee from the Sidama area scored 90.69, making it the best coffee in the 2022 auction.

On August 23, all 40 CoE-winning coffees will be sent to the auction. From August 15 to 27, a second “Country Winner” auction will be held, featuring coffees rated between 86.41 and 86.41 and 87.32.

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