City roasts

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City roasts

City roasts: The term “City Roasts” refers to the moderate roasting level of coffee beans in the medium roast section (Medium Roast).

The beans have experienced their first crack during this roasting, resulting in dried beans that are somewhat dark. The flavor of coffee made from roasted City Roasts beans will be fully revealed without being masked by the roasting process.

City roasts
City roasts

To make it easier to visualize, we’ll divide roasted coffee into three categories: light, medium, and dark roasting:

  1. Cinnamon roast – Light Roast (collectively known as Light Roast)
  2. Medium Roast / American Roast, City Roast
  3. Dark Roast / Full City roast, Vienna Roast, French Roast, Italian Roast

The most prevalent roast grade is City Roast or American Roast, accounting for the bulk of coffee drunk in the United States. Roasting is “fashionable” among customers nowadays, and young roasters, often known as the “third wave,” are pursuing it.

It was formerly the norm in Nordic countries. Sour, caramel, sweet (if well developed), and floral and fruit notes, which can have grassy, lemon, and destructive qualities if not fully grown, are familiar flavors in a City roast.



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