Roasting System Include?

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Roasting System Include? You have heard a lot about the phrase coffee roasting system. So have you ever wondered what the coffee roasting system does, what it includes, and how it works? 

The coffee roasting system does two main tasks: roasting the green coffee beans to a desired level of roasting and grinding the roasted coffee beans into powder.

The more modern the design, the more productive, output, and quality the roasting process will be; each roasting batch will be done in large quantities and with uniform quality, saving and optimizing—cost and time of production and processing.

A basic roasting coffee beans system will consist of two main parts: the coffee roaster and the coffee grinder.

Coffee roaster/roasters

Coffee roasting device

A coffee roaster is designed to roast coffee beans varying degrees depending on the batch standard. The principle of operation of the coffee roaster is to use heat to ripen the coffee beans released.

Roasting System Include?
Roasting System Include?

Depending on the criteria, coffee roasters are classified into different types. If divided according to demand, the amount of coffee to be roasted, the coffee roaster is divided into two main types:

  • Mini coffee roaster: A home coffee roaster with a small capacity of 0.5kg – 3kg per batch, suitable for the needs of families or small cafes.
  • Industrial coffee roaster: A large capacity roasting machine up to tens, hundreds of kilograms for each roasting batch. A large capacity coffee roaster helps burn more per batch, saving time and money. However, this machine will be more challenging to operate, requires high expertise, and needs periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure stable operation to produce quality roasting batches.

If based on the heating characteristics to ripen coffee beans to classify, there are the following types of coffee roasting machines:

  • Hot Air: Hot Air is the most advanced and modern technology today. Thanks to the use of temperature, the hot air generated during operation ripen the coffee beans in the cage and, at the same time, can stir the coffee beans so that the coffee ripens most evenly; the quality is much better than that of the coffee beans, with other machines.
  • Drum-type coffee roaster: A machine that has a drum-shaped roasting cage design. This machine’s operation principle is to apply heat directly to the drum wall to ripen the coffee beans. Coffee beans that come in contact with the hot surface of the roasting drum will ripen faster than those that have little contact with the surface of the drum, so there will still be unevenly roasted coffee.

Roasting System Include?
Roasting System Include?

Coffee grinder

A coffee grinder grins coffee beans into a powder with the desired fineness. With electric motor grinders, you can grind quickly and easily adjust the class of coffee to your liking.

There are the following types of coffee grinders:

  • Manual coffee grinder (Coffee mill): This is the first type of coffee grinder to appear on the market. The working mechanism of the coffee mill is similar to the pepper mill, using the hand to rotate the handle to grind the beans into a powder.
  • Coffee grinder with saw blade:  The structure and operating mechanism of this grinder are similar to the blenders that help grind coffee at home faster than a manual grinder, but the ground coffee beans seem not to be very even.
  • Automatic coffee grinder: This is a modern grinder that makes it easy to adjust the fineness of the beans to your liking, often used in cafes.
  • Industrial coffee grinder:  A large capacity machine often used in coffee processing facilities and workshops. The device has a metal hopper with an electric motor.

This machine’s operation mechanism is quite simple, taking coffee beans from the hopper through the feed pipe to the grinding disc. Here the coffee beans will be crushed to form a coffee powder. The coffee powder will follow the outlet pipe into the tool used to store powdered coffee.

Roasting System Include?
Roasting System Include?

Hopefully, the above information has helped you understand the coffee roasting system more. At the coffee bean type processing workshop, Helena coffee uses an extensive capacity coffee roasting system with the most modern technology today, such as Hot Air, …

For the quality of roasted coffee evenly colored, hundreds of batches like one, pure, delicious coffee, clean, intense taste, seductive, precisely according to the coffee roast system recipe that customers require.


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