Bye-aletti: The Death of Moka Pot?

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Bye-aletti The Death of Moka Pot

Bye-aletti: The Death of Moka Pot? The Moka Pot is one of Italy’s oldest coffee-making appliances. Real-life might be scarier than the movies at times. The Moka pot, probably one of the most famous coffee machines, is extinction.

According to EuroNews, Italian coffee maker Bialetti is experiencing a sales slump, as customers prefer the convenience of capsule coffee. The corporation recently revealed plans to “resolve a 68 million euro debt” amid “serious uncertainties” about the company’s survival. Due to decreased sales both in Italy and overseas, the company reported a loss of 15.3 million euros in the first half of the year. It’s not that people are drinking less coffee; it’s just that the manner they prepare it has changed.

Bye-aletti The Death of Moka Pot

“Sales of pellets are rapidly increasing in large-scale distribution, while sales of ground coffee for Moka are dropping, even in Italy, where 70% of families have a Moka,” said Francesca Arcuri, director of the Italian coffee business Filicori Zecchini.”

In 2017, Moka Pot sales decreased by 5%, while tablet sales increased by 16.8%. Is this the end of the Moka Pot, and with it, of home-brewed coffee? Will there be bold and famous concoctions that fade away softly into the night, eventually becoming antique shop finds? And for what purpose? Capsules? It’s pretty terrifying. However, we’d want to know how you feel about this news.

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