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British Retailer Consortium – BRC certification Instant Coffee Supplier –  BRC certifications are used worldwide as a central system for all operations (from retail to manufacturing).

They are a ticket to entry into demanding markets such as Europe, Asia, and the United States. Ky. So what is BRC certification, and why is it necessary to be BRC certified?

British Retailer Consortium – What is BRC certification?

BRC is a global food safety certification established by the British Retailer Consortium (BRC) in 1998, suitable for quality control and food safety.

BRC certification includes requirements that help us control the product supply chain from input materials, seed supply, cultivation, harvesting and processing to product delivery to customers.

This is a distinguishing feature of this certification, verifying food safety and hygiene issues at the point of sale. With BRC certification, companies have to control hygiene from the beginning material.

Through the stages of production, production and consumption. The whole closed process must strictly comply with hygiene quality.

BRC certification

BRC is considered one of the most widely used food safety certifications, along with other systems such as HACCP, FSSC 22000, and ISO 22000,…

To get BRC certification, company A must undergo an assessment process by responsible organizations. There are 130 countries worldwide with more than 29,000 BRC-certified units, including Vietnam.

Obtaining BRC certification can increase opportunities in the EU and US markets as it makes it easier for companies to penetrate these markets.

Since it was first published in 1998, BRC certification has grown in popularity, bringing international manufacturers into the supply chain and meeting the criteria of the established Food Safety Institute.

By CIES, a food trade forum, a global organization of CEOs and senior management from approximately 400 retailers (operating about 200,000 stores) and members from manufacturing companies with many different models.

The latest version is BRC Food Issue 8, released in 2018. This version is committed to management by focusing on a food safety analysis program based on an analysis and control system.

Hazards according to HACCP regulations and quality management system for food safety support and food fraud prevention.

Structure of the BRC certification

BRC certification consists of 7 terms covering requirements that help companies control the supply chain of products from input materials, from the provision of seedlings to planting, harvesting and processing to the end of production.

And deliver the product to the customer.

This certification requires updating legal requirements and IT products to help companies respond promptly to changes and consistently provide consumers with safe products.

Types of BRC certification

As mentioned above, the BRC is a set of food safety certifications. This certification is divided into many different categories, of which there are three main categories: BRC Food, BRC Packaging and BRC Storage & Distribution.

BRC certification

Certified BRC Food

BRC Food is an international food safety management system certification. This is the first certification in the BRC certification series recognized by GFSI (global food safety initiative).

This certification was developed specifically for the target group of food processors. Specifically, to own BRC Food certification, food businesses must comply with and meet the requirements set out in BRC Food, ensuring their food safety management system is up to standard.

Certified BRC Packaging

BRC Packaging is a certification given to food packaging manufacturers.

This certification also covers a series of requirements that packaging businesses need to meet to obtain BRC Packaging certification.

This is also the world’s first packaging certification recognized by GFSI.

Certified BRC Storage & Distribution

First published in 2006, BRC Storage & Distribution is a certification for the storage and distribution of food products. This certification is often developed and aimed at businesses operating in transportation and storage.

To achieve BRC Storage & Distribution certification, companies must meet strict requirements during operation and possess facilities that meet the criteria set forth by the BRC.

Currently, of these three types of certification, in Vietnam, BRC Food is the most popular and used by many businesses. The reason for this is that although there are many food businesses in Vietnam, they have not developed in the transportation and storage sectors.

Importance of BRC Certification

As one of the few certification systems recognized by GFSI, BRC plays a vital role in the system of an enterprise. Owning a BRC certification will bring businesses a lot of practical benefits:

Enhance customer trust with the brand

As the leading prestigious food safety certification today, owning the BRC certification is a commitment of the business to the quality and safety of food.

At the same time, this certification also shows that companies have been paying attention to overall safety programs, constantly improving the process to ensure output quality. And, of course, these will significantly enhance customers’ trust in your brand.

Optimizing the system, saving costs in the long run

Although, when starting to apply, businesses may incur some fees for consulting, certification and process optimization.

However, in the long run, the benefits of BRC to businesses are many times greater. So this will be a worthy investment that any food business should consider.

Minimize risks related to product quality

Researching and developed by leading experts and improved over the years, BRC will help businesses improve their systems, ensuring output quality and minimizing risks arising from product quality.

Reduce product recalls and customer complaints

For food products, even a tiny mistake on the label will cause the product to be identified or rejected.

Significantly, the recall will be applied in batches with hundreds of products, costing businesses a lot of money.

Ensuring a fixed, fast process will help minimize this situation.

Combined with international food safety management systems

BRC is a GFSI-recognized certification, so businesses that hold BRC certification will have access to and connection to a global network of food safety management systems, making navigating a simple certificate easier. Simpler and more convenient.

Certified British Retailer Consortium – BRC supplier of instant coffee

Helena Coffee is a professional coffee producer and distributor of pure, diversified, high-quality coffee products. We are distributing Robusta and Arabica coffee products.

To bring consumers pure, safe, delicious coffee products with no chemicals or additives. You can rest assured when using the product. We believe that you will be satisfied and remember the taste of Helena Coffee forever.

Helena Coffee instant coffee products ensure:

  • New coffee
  • Hot air roasting technology
  • 100% pure coffee

All products are thoroughly tested under the British Retailer Consortium-BRC certification.

Modern machinery and equipment, a professional production management team, and a highly skilled technical team.

The company brings products with high and stable quality, a fast delivery schedule, and reasonable prices to meet the requirements and needs of customers.

The strengths that make the difference and class of the Helena Coffee brand are Specialization in each department, High responsibility and technical supervision who work thoughtfully and carefully to create products.

Down to the smallest detail. Besides, the departments regularly exchange work and share difficulties and initiatives to build the Helena Coffee brand to exude sophistication in each product.

In addition, Helena Coffee instant coffee products will promote exports and develop brands in markets with high requirements for quality certification, such as Korea, China, Singapore, and Thailand.

This year, Helena Coffee is expected to continue to launch many high-quality products with unique coffee flavours to domestic and foreign markets.

The trust and support of customers during the past time is a great encouragement on the development journey of Helena Coffee. We promise to constantly improve, serve our customers the best to always deserve that trust.


For more information, please contact at:

  • Company office: 124 Ngo Quyen, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam
  • Phone number (Whatsapp/Telegram): +84 789 818 828 (Mr. An) / +84 262 392 8688
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Helena Coffee Processing & Export in Vietnam | Helena., JSC, which was established in 2016, is a Vietnamese coffee exporter, manufacturer & supplier. We provide the most prevalent varieties of coffee grown in Vietnam’s renowned producing regions.

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