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Brewing Better Coffee With Fishing Experience: Long-time coffee drinkers and players often have a lot of fun other than coffee. It can be familiar subjects such as tea, and wine or specific subjects such as mechanical keyboards, photography, travel… However, I don’t know if people have noticed that: The hobbies are different, though different. However, there are still some similarities. And today, to demonstrate this, Helena would like to take a specific example from the strange connection between Betta fish farming and coffee making.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Betta line. This is an ornamental fish with extremely vibrant colors. It is also known as fighting fish, lia Thai, or Siamese fish. The movement of playing Betta fish has existed since ancient times. In the article “Lia thia fish hobby” by Vuong Hong Sen, you will see that it has appeared in our country since the beginning of the 20th century. And if you are at the age of 8X, 9X, you must have more or less a childhood associated with the image of a group of five-year-old children, cheering and cheering around a glass jar, watching a real epic battle together. between colorful fighting fish.

And in the process of raising Betta fish, I have learned 4 things to pay attention to help get a beautiful aquarium right. Surprisingly, these 4 things can also be applied to my coffee making, helping me make the right cup of coffee, and the right flavor I like. That four factors are First Breed, Second Real, Tam Can, and Four Waters.

  • Breed  Is the type of fish or type of coffee. The beginning of the dark will help you get a way to choose the right fish or coffee.
  • Real is fish food and coffee food. What is food for coffee, I will say below? In this section, I will talk about how to feed the fish as well as feed the coffee.
  • Need is the process of taking care of the fish and the process of making coffee. In this section, I will talk about ways to care for fish as well as fine-tune factors when making coffee.
  • Water is just water. But in this section,n I will try to tell you what water is better for coffee.

A. BEST VARIETIES (water, water)

The variety here that I want to talk about is the quality of the fish. If the fish is good, watch it, then play it. When playing Betta fish, if you want to have beautiful Betta fish to display in a glass cabinet and then look at it every day. Or even further, these are to hatch to produce the right eye-catching colorful fry. But how to choose good fish?

There are many secrets to choosing beautiful Betta fish. But with my experience first: You should know your preferences. Know what you like. Because the world of Betta fish is extremely diverse and colorful. Which is the half-moon-tailed fish, which is the short-tailed fish line… The colors are all different from blue, red, purple, and yellow to mixed colors between them. It is easy to be overwhelmed by this world and not know which one to choose. Because every type looks like, feels love. And then someone just needs to say: “This line has a lot of players, it’s very trendy”. That you can decide quickly always. Then when I buy it, it’s okay if it fits, but if it doesn’t, I’m sorry. Because beautiful fish is not cheap. Therefore, before going to buy fish, you should answer a few questions for yourself such as:

  • What color or shape do I like or am missing?
  • I’m looking for some colorful baby fish.
  • I raise them to release glass tanks for display or to raise them in groups…

Once you know what you want, it will be easier for you to choose the best fish that best suit your preferences. In addition, when choosing, you should also consider other factors such as the heal and the condition … of the fish. The more careful the selection of fish, the more beautiful fish tanks you will have. And you can also apply this method of choosing fish when choosing to buy coffee.

Each type of coffee has a different taste. Every drinker has his or her own taste in drinking. So, go find the coffee that suits your taste best.

To do this, if you are a newbie, try to drink as much as you can yourself. And if you’ve been a drinker for a while, remember: What’s your best cup of coffee? And then once you know your taste, you can go buy it yourself and can choose the type of coffee you like based on several factors such as:

  • Coffee growing area: Choosing the type of coffee with the growing area of ​​the type you like, there is a high chance that you will get the right cup of coffee. For example, if you have ever drank Ethiopian coffee with a bright citrus flavor and mild floral aroma. Then there is a high chance that when you choose the same coffee from Ethiopia, it will have this taste. However, this also depends on several factors such as the way the coffee is prepared, the coffee variety, the way the coffee is roasted, etc. So there is another way you can see the flavor indication of the coffee on each bag of coffee. Once you’ve read these flavor guides and know which flavors you like, you can find what you’re looking for. And if you want to be even more sure, tell the coffee shopkeeper about your taste. They can help you choose the right coffee for you.

    B. REALITY (water, brewing)

    As animals, they are all the same: They also need to eat to live, to grow beautifully. But how to eat right, heal and thy is another story. Betta fish are one of those fish that are quite sensitive to food. Eating less is easy to bite each other (in case of raising a lot); Eating a lot for a long time, plus not swimming much, it’s easy to get bloated and die. In addition, to make the fish more beautiful and colorful, it is also necessary to choose the right food.

    So, in summary, when I show Betta fish I find I need to pay attention to two things:

    • Find out the right amount of food for each fish.
    • Fine-tune the type of feed to suit your fish farming needs.

    And both of these things apply to coffee feeding as well. But make no mistake, You will feed the coffee water, not fish food. Because when coffee hydrates, it’s like coffee is eating water. When coffee hydrates properly, it can bring out delicious flavors in the cup.

    To do this, you will need to pay attention to the following two issues:

    1. Amount of water for making coffee.

    Based on your drinking taste, you should determine the amount of water to use each time you make coffee. For example, when making Cold Brew coffee, if you like to drink a little stronger coffee, you can use the ratio of 1g of coffee mixed with 8ml or 10ml of water. But when I drink it, it feels too dark for me, the next time I can increase the ratio: 1g of coffee mixed with 12ml or 15ml of water. In addition, if you make Pour Over coffee the way you pour the water also needs to be taken care of. The way you adjust the water flow can also help the coffee cup be more harmonious and stable. You can see how to pour water stably when making Pour Over coffee here: How to pour water stably

    2. Type of water suitable for making coffee.

    This section will have something you need to pay attention to. One is water quality. The second is the water temperature. Water quality, I will talk specifically in the Four Waters section below. Here, we will talk about how to choose the temperature of the water. Controlling the brewing water temperature is extremely important. Because if the water is too hot, the coffee will burn and easily produce bitter flavors. When the water is too cold, the coffee will be pale and tasteless. Furthermore, not all coffees use the same heat. Because the properties of each type of seed are quite different. African-grown coffee beans are typically harder and denser than Asian coffee beans. Therefore, the brewed water also needs a slightly higher temperature. To know how to choose the right brewing water temperature, you can see more articles:

    “Why not use boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius to make coffee”

    C.TAM NEED (cup, make)

    Need here can be understood in the sense of taking care of fish as well as making coffee carefully and properly. Both fish farming and coffee making have 3 general principles as follows:

    1. Keep the environment clean: A clean aquarium means that the fish can grow better. Clean here means that the aquarium is not poisoned by excess food or feces from fish, and is not damaged by mosses or harmful snails. As for coffee, a clean environment means clean brewing equipment. A clean preparation tool will help the coffee flavor not be overwhelmed or affected. You will smell the true taste of pure coffee, not the smell of moldy hands and feet.

    Learn how to keep tools clean. You can see more articles: 4 things to pay attention to when making coffee.

    2. The right equipmentA Betta fish cannot live happily and beautifully in a small tank. Betta fish will usually need to live in a tank of 10-20 liters of water. Therefore, depending on the number of fish as well as the need for individual or flock rearing, you should choose the right type of tank. Brewing coffee is similar. The right brewing tools will help you get the right coffee flavor.

    For example, if you want a cup of coffee that is rich, fat, and a little bit smoother. You can choose brewing tools like French Press, Moka Pot o, r Phin. But on the contrary, if you want a clear cup of coffee like spritzing flowers, the V60 or Chemex funnel mixed with filter paper will be a more suitable choice.

    3. Proper care or appropriate mixingCaring for all types of Betta fish is more or less different. You cannot completely apply the care of one type of fish when raising another type of fish. The simplest example is that female Betta fish can live together comfortably, but male Betta fish kept in groups is a different story. Because male Betta fish are extremely territorial. If they are raised too much, they can fight to the death. And when making coffee, you should not apply the method of preparation of one device to the preparation of another device. Each type of tool will have its phaseypee. And the most obvious difference in the brewing styles is The grind size of the coffee powder. Each type of coffee maker will have a separate coffee grind size.

    That’s why if you use pre-ground coffee, you’ll usually only be able to make one or two certain brewers. Usually, when you want to fine-tune the grind size more flexibly, for more dispensers. Then a coffee grinder is something you should start with.

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D.FOUR COUNTRIES (grind,  home)

I chose to put the water down last not because it doesn’t matter. Much of it is because this is a slightly enhanced element in playing coffee, as well as playing fish. However, that doesn’t mean you ignore it in the first place. Because water is very important because fish live in water just like 99% of coffee is water. Therefore, your water should also meet some basic standards. Specifically for fish, the water is not contaminated with alum, iron, arsenic, or chlorine smell. As for coffee and water, it must be colorless, odorless, and, importantly, drinkable.

Those are some basic criteria, in addition to better fish, healthier life, or better coffee, the water also needs to have some slightly advanced criteria:

  • Both fish and coffee water should have an average pH of 6.5 – 7.5. At this neutral pH, the fish is also healthier, and the coffee brewed also has too harsh and unpleasant flavors.
  • Water should have the right amount of minerals. Some minerals such as Ca, Mg … will help fish live in healthier, more beautiful colors. As for coffee, it will have bright sweet, and sour flavors or a feeling of full sweetness.

Good water is also one of the reasons for the age-old question: Why does the same kind of coffee taste so good in the shop but can’t be brewed at home?

But remember only a small amount is enough. How about enough or how you… take it slow. Let’s focus on improving the above first. However, if you want to learn more, you can search for some keywords below: Water for Coffee or Water for Coffee Recipe.

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