Batian Coffee – The Jewel Of Kenya

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Batian Coffee – The Jewel Of Kenya

Batian Coffee – The Jewel Of Kenya – Compared to other coffee varieties, Batian has a later birth and was only planted in the gardens of farmers in 2010.

However, Batian is increasing day by day, asserting a position that is not at all. inferior to their predecessors in the coffee village. In the near future, Batian coffee is most likely to become the most popular cultivar in Kenyan farms. Will this rumor come true?

The Origin of Batian Coffee

In 1971, following an outbreak of coffee leaf rot (Colletotrichum kahawai) and stem leaf rust (Heimelea growratix), researchers began breeding coffee.

At this time, their main goal is to develop plant varieties with disease resistance, in order to bring about high quality and yield.

In 1985, Ruiru 11 – the first disease-resistant hybrid plant, was born. But the event that marked a major turning point in the research and hybridization of coffee was the birth of the Batian coffee variety.

Outstanding Characteristics Of Batian Coffee Variety

External Factors

Despite being a country located in Africa, Kenya is very fortunate to have all the favorable natural conditions that contribute to the successful cultivation of this wonderful coffee.

The temperature here is neither too hot nor too cold, making it easy for people to cultivate this new coffee variety.

Along with favorable weather, the rainfall here is quite evenly distributed throughout the year. With these ideal weather conditions, the number of Batian coffee varieties soon grew rapidly.

In addition, there is red, deep, and fertile volcanic soil on the slopes, and this helps the plants to drain very well. Combining the factors, Kenya is blessed with a perfect climate for growing coffee that is rarely found in Africa.

Morphological Characteristics

Like the SL28 coffee variety, Batian has a tall, deeply rooted body with a conical to cylindrical tree shape. The tillering habit is to grow upright at first but then turn horizontally and tend to droop after successive crops.

Batian has long internodes on both main stems and branches compared to SL28.

It produces many primary branches with moderate to heavy secondary branching and remains green year-round in good climates. The young leaves have a medium anthocyanin coloration that produces a coppery green color but is sometimes absent or weak.

The ripe coffee fruit is larger than the SL28 fruit, and has an elliptical shape, with a deep red color. Normally, mature eggplant seeds are quite large in size and dark in color; The endosperm is green while the cut in the middle is mostly single and straight.

The flavor of Batian Coffee

Although it has only been present in the Specialty coffee market for more than 10 years, Batian has excelled over many competitors to quickly rise to become one of the most popular and popular coffees around the world.

Taste is one of the reasons that help Batian get where it is today.

Batian coffee has the rustic flavor of the mountains, a perfect combination of the sweetness of ripe fruit and the moderate acidity of oranges and tangerines. Immediately the taste buds will be awakened by the harmonious rhythm of flavors right on the first try.

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning to indulge your taste buds with a cup of Gicherori at the fragrant Coffee Factory.

High Yield Of Crops

Batian is resistant to CBD and leaf rust but should also be controlled for other diseases as recommended by the institute.

Thanks to its outstanding properties, this cultivar has the potential to produce up to 5 tons of clean coffee per hectare (within a distance of 2m x 2m).

Batian Coffee – The Jewel Of Kenya
Batian Coffee – The Jewel Of Kenya

Thanks to its deep and wide roots and resistance to CBD and leaf rust, Batian is suitable for all coffee-growing regions. So this variety is expected to grow in popularity in Kenya and has the potential to become a popular variety on all Kenyan farms in the coming years.

Outstanding Quality

Batian produces very large fruit compared to Ruiru 11 and SL28 produces medium-sized fruit. Although just appeared somewhat “younger” than its predecessors SL28, Batian has been able to match and become a Specialty coffee in Kenya.

This proves that the quality that Batian brings is very high compared to any other coffee.

Outstanding Advantages Of Batian Compared To Other Breeds

– This crop is actually bred, so seed production is made easier.

– Can start production as soon as the second year while other traditional varieties have to wait until the third year, so they can be harvested earlier.

– Fruit ripens earlier than SL28 and Ruiru 11.

– Less expensive to produce than other varieties because no chemical control phatic against CBD and leaf rust is required.

– Batian is suitable for all coffee agroecological zones.

Although it is a new plant variety that has recently entered the market, the quality that Batian brings is undisputed. Now, Batian has become a jewel, a proud bright spot for Kenyans.

Kenyan coffee is like a dance of flavors that never lingers in the mind. Treat yourself to a cup of Kenyan coffee from the Batian species – a well-deserved gift for your intense passion for original coffee.

Helena Coffee Vietnam is always looking forward to opening that door of origin for the souls of the same beat!



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