Basic Coffee Roasting

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Basic Coffee Roasting

Basic Coffee Roasting. It is both a science and an art. Hundreds of tastes are retained in green coffee beans. These tastes are unleashed for us to appreciate every day by properly roasting coffee with enthusiasm! (Of course, coffee extraction is crucial as well, but the roaster must first do his job!)

Basic Coffee Roasting

COFFEE BENEFITS, COFFEE FLAVOR. And ROASTING MACHINE TECHNOLOGY are the three areas that expert coffee roasters must study and learn. These three elements are inextricably linked and determine the roast’s success.

For example, while roasting small coffee beans, the roaster must be adjusted differently than when roasting large coffee beans. To fully exploit the flavor strengths of these two coffees, roasting Arabica coffee differs from burning Robusta; thus, the flame of the roaster must be adjusted to suit each variety.

Basic Coffee Roasting

But it isn’t enough; in addition to the size of the beans and the coffee variety, several other characteristics of the beans must be considered and compared to the roaster’s taste and skills.

The beans and the roaster cannot be separated for coffee flavor. Indeed, for the same coffee, light, and medium roast will bring out fruity, acidic aromas in the roasted beans. Deep roasting brings out bitterness while reducing the sourness.

Last but not least, there’s the roaster. The roaster must comprehend the roaster’s structure and the heat transfer mechanisms from the flame to the roasting drum, the roasting drum to the coffee beans, and between the beans.

However, the roaster cannot be set independently of the coffee beans or tastes. The roaster will choose the roasting profile based on basic parameters such as batch volume, initial heat, turning heat, explosion time 1, and finishing time, depending on the goal of flavor and the type of coffee beans. the expected conclusion.

In short, roasters can produce the coffee they want by understanding coffee beans’ flavors. And roasting techniques, as well as the relationship between these three factors.

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