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Aroma: Aroma – coffee fragrances in general – is a counterbalance to taste (taste) and thus vital for coffee flavors (flavor). These three characteristics, along with taste and texture, make up the perception of coffee flavor (i.e., flavor).

Volatile aromatics, of which more than 800 have been found in coffee, characterize aroma (Although it is unlikely that all of them contribute to the distinctive scent of coffee).

Sent has frequently divided into two identifying stages in the cupping process: dry aroma (scent of dry coffee powder) and wet aroma (scent of wet coffee powder) (sense perceived when coffee is mixed with hot water).

Perception of Sent

When we drink, portions of Lilac rise at the back of the throat (Retronasal) and operate on the olfactory nerve to help distinguish sent.

Because our senses of smell and taste are closely intertwined, fragrance plays a crucial part in perceiving the flavor characteristics of coffee. As a result, professional tasters frequently take a deep breath of air to understand the coffee’s characteristics better.

Taste, smell, and flavor

Although they are all related, the terms taste (flavor), smell (aroma), and taste (taste) cannot be used interchangeably. Taste refers to the senses located inside the mouth, primarily on the tongue.

Sent refers to the scent that enters the nose and is associated with the purpose of smell. Finally, flavor occurs when taste and fragrance unite to produce a feeling.


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